Wire Free Burglar Alarms

Wire Free Burglar Alarms – The way forward in home security.

Ace alarms are pleased to bring a wire free solution to home and business security. Using the latest in wire free technologies from “Visonic”,one of the leading and award winning manufactures of wireless burglar alarms and security systems.

Up Until now wireless was not an option when choosing a burglar alarm system ,this was mainly down to poor quality and unreliable systems.(DIY alarms). Even some of the top manufacturers of hard wired security alarms could not supply  trustworthy Wire free security alarms. ..

Visonic burglar alarms have entered into the market and bringing peace of mind to both installers and their users . Ace alarms & security systems  have tried and tested these systems and with over 600+ Powermax complete systems  installed in houses and businesses across Sussex,Surrey,Kent and beyond over the last 5 years,we can say that these burglar alarms are the way forward. With very low false alarm record  and excellent reliability they save the hassle and disruption with having cables run through your property.

All our Burglar alarms both wired and wire free alarms meet all European standards and are a minimum of a grade 2 type security system.(insurance approved)

Just when we thought wire free home security alarms could not get any better , a brand new alarm panel and accessories from Visonic is launched. The PowerMaster range from Visonic brings the wireless option on par with hard-wired burglar alarms,  with the batteries lasting between 4 and 8 years.

Using the Power G technologies it can perform Frequency / Channel hopping to  eliminate the threat of signal jamming and interference from any other wireless device. This technology also increases the range between the control system and the detection device, so out buildings or garages can get included all under the 1 security system.

Both Visonic Panels have built in auto diallers,so you can get a call from your security alarm if it is activated or tampered with.

Wire free touch screen keypad used by ace alarms

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