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Wireless Alarm System from Ace AlarmsAce alarms have been installing the  Visonic powermax complete burglar alarm systems for over 5 years now and continue to do so as they are  proven to be very reliable and also versatile,allowing these burglar alarm systems to be installed in most houses and businesses , we can install a wire free burglar alarm system to suit all your needs to keep your home or business secure. We can survey your home or business, then give you our recommendations on how to keep your premises secure from any potential intruders / burglars.

The Visonic Powermax complete alarms systems are a Grade 2 Burglar alarm system and compliant with PD662 ,EN50131

Here is a list of some of the great benefits these systems have:

  • No wires!  Except for a mains supply to the control unit ( & phone line if required)
  • Easy to use – can be set/unset by using a Keyfob/prox tag or by entering a 4 digit code
  • Night time mode – Alarm the downstairs of your home only
  • Can have 3 seperate partitions if required
  • Has adjustable volume on entry/exit tones
  • Adjustable External siren time
  • Slow flashing LED on the External siren,for extra visual deterrent at night
  • Expandable to 28 zones
  • Built in Speech Dialler – Gives you a call if the alarm gets activated
  • Intelligent battery saving mode – battery life 2-4 years depending on device type

When the burglar alarm is connected to your phone , the system uses the built in speech dialler to contact up to 4 private telephone numbers of your choice and delivers a message ” burglar alarm ” , “panic alarm” or “fire alarm” – if you have a Visonic smoke detector fitted  and because you will see what phone line has rang you, you will know who’s alarm has been activated and what property needs checking out for potential intruders, you can  also record your address onto the message.(this helps when you are a key holder for several different people who all have one of our complete alarms)

Once the burglar alarm system has been activated ( , the control panel will start to call the first number on the list and if no answer or acknowledgement code ( number 2 ) is entered, it will call the 2nd,then the 3rd and 4th. If there is no answer from number 4 it will go around again.

Now that someone has answered the call,you can press 2 to acknowledge the message or press “6” on the phone and you will now be able to listen in to the property.(It will depend on where your control panel is located within the house, as to how well you can listen-in ( inside a cupboard will obviously be very poor, but if it is installed in the hall or common area – you will get a good idea whether someone is in the house or not.

This communication between your alarm panel and your phone, can save you time and money from checking out “false alarms” , Yet – it could save you from putting yourself in danger if it was a genuine break-in at your property and confronting an Intruder/s

 (phone line connection requires a hard wired connection between your control panel and the nearest telephone socket )

If you require the alarm to be connected to your phone line, there is an additional once off cost of £30.00. If the system is triggered off ,the cost of the call is at your normal telephone providers rate and will appear on your telephone bill.No charges are made to or by Ace alarms . Once the alarm is connected you don’t have the worry of any tied in contracts or central station / monitoring charges. Supplied with a double phone adaptor and ADSL filter.

If you don’t have a telephone land line in your property, there are GSM dialler’s  available – which uses the mobile phone network to send a voice message or a text message.

If  you require a GSM dialler to be installed, you would need to purchase this separately as the control panel has only got the PSTN dialler  built-in.

For extra security you can send your signals via both methods, so if your phone line was cut or went down , you & your key holders would be notified,but in most circumstances it isn’t necessary.

Ace Alarms Do provide a maintenance agreement ,but you are not obliged to take these out and can be cancelled with only 3 months notice.

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Burglar Alarm System’s installed from only £475.00 all inc 

Our Standard Burglar Alarm Systems consists:

  • 1 Door contact
  • 4 Movement sensors
  • 1 External siren with strobe light & optional flashing led – to act as a visual and audible deterrent
  • 1 Decoy box
  • 2 Keyfobs – to set/unset & night time set the alarm system. + activating 2 buttons together on the fob activates a panic alarm.
  • 2 Prox tags- to set & unset the alarm system)
  • Control panel – which has a numerical keypad & proximity tag reader to set / unset the alarm system, comes complete with back up battery in case of power cuts.
  • Auto dialler built into the control panel – which can call up to 4 private telephone numbers of your choice if the alarm is triggered (requires phone line)
  • Internal speaker/sounder incorporated in the control panel 2 Year product and labour guarantee Need more security devices?

This wire free burglar alarm can be expanded to have 28 wireless devices. Here is a list of just some of the extra security devices available including the prices which are inclusive of vat and fitting.

  • Door contacts £37.89 inc
  • Motion sensors £43.56 inc
  • Window/door vibration detectors  £48.50 inc
  •  (gives early warning of intruders trying to access external windows or doors)
  • Medical emergency buttons £46.00 inc (can be worn around the neck or clipped onto a belt)
  • Keyfobs £34.00 inc
  • Proximity tags £7.50 inc
  • Remote Keypad £ 68.00 inc
  • Smoke detectors £52.05 inc
  • Smoke/Heat detectors £56.91
  • GSM dialler £160.00 (with £10.00 sim credit) Internal & External sounders £102.00
  • Decoy box £19.50 inc
Powermax complete keypad

Wire free keypad for the main control keypad

ace alarm proximity tag

small and colorful proximity tag to set and unset the alarm via. the arming station

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