The new Visonic Power Master 33 alarm panels

The New Visonic Power Master 33 alarm panels

Another new alarm panel from Visonic, but is it any better than the Visonic Power Master 30?

The New Visonic Power Master 33 control panel (below) is the brains of the system and is known better as an end station, as it has no controls on it, i.e:No numerical keypad for you to operate the system from, but this contains all the clever transmission equipment in like the multi channel frequency hopping spectrum and the AES 128 encryption which both add to being a reliable and robust technology (this technology is the same for all of the Power Master range).


Visonic Power Master 33 control panel








The New Keypad for the Power Master control panels

New! KP250 PG2
Visonic Power Master Keypad


With the new Power Master 33 control panels, you (the user) control your alarm system from the New KP250 keypad (left).

Keyfobs can also be used on all of the Visonic range to set, unset, part set your alarm system and by pressing the set & part symbols together is a panic alarm.






The control panel itself  just contains the alarm brains and it is in a blank box (on the outside),engineers call this the “end station”. You operate your Power Master 33 alarm system from the new keypad (KP250) which looks nice and stylish, with firm push buttons where you enter your code to set or unset the system. You can use the keypad to do all your programming on – like changing time/date, telephone numbers for the dialler, user codes etc.The KP250 keypad has a prox tag reader built in, so you can don’t even need a code for setting or unsetting (you just present a small tag to the keypad screen where the tag symbol is). We have mentioned before about the new keypad and it is a thumbs up from us on that one, the keypad can also be used with the Power Maser 10 or 30 panels.

What extra does the Power Master 33 do?   Not a lot to be honest, we have had a good in depth look at the panel and compared it to the Power Master 30.

The nice thing about the Power Master 33 – as a kit, is that you can have the end station hidden away and it makes it harder for an intruder to find it and damage it. This is because there is no internal sounder on the alarm panel like the Power Master 10 & 30. You will still need to have an internal sounder somewhere central in the property to enable you to hear the alarm clearly & loudly in the event of an alarm activation by an intruder, especially at night when your fast asleep. It is the noise of the alarm system going off that will make an intruder panic and run off empty handed!

The other difference between the Visonic Power Master 30 & 33, is that you can only have 10 Keypads on the new 33 (as if many people have more than a couple).

The Power Master 33 Does NOT have a built in auto dialler, so it will be a sirens only system, unless you are having it monitored or purchase a sim GSM dialler with either a Pay as you go sim or sim contract.

What this new Visonic Power Master 33 panel brings, is basically not a lot.  You have No internal sounder and you have No PSTN dialler (auto dialler, Can call up to 4 private telephone numbers to contact you in the event of an activation.) No voice and 2 way speech. This new alarm panel has Less features and costs More!

Our opinion is to stick with the Visonic Power Master 30 and purchase the new stylish KP250 keypad separately and hide the Control panel away, we can always disconnect the speaker from the panel to make it harder to find for an intruder to find, because you will still have the dialler facility. You can install up to 8 sirens on the Power Master 30 and 2 sirens on the Power Master 10 if required (either external or internal sirens).

The Vsionic Power Master 30 also has the voice on it, so the auto dialler can have a personalised message, such as your property address which assists the key holder to identify what alarm/premises has gone off. With the speech facility it also enables you to listen in to your alarm system and speak through the control panel. This two speech communication has the benefit of you listening in to your property to hear if there is a genuine break-in or not, saving you from placing yourself in a potentially risky situation. We have also used these panels in elderly and disabled persons properties, where the person can have a medical pendant and if needed, they can press the buttons on the pendant and the alarm system calls a relative where they are then able to check on them by speaking and listening through the Power Master 30 control panel.

A new siren ( same technology, different shape ) was released with the new Power Master 33 panel, which does look slightly nicer than the rectangular standard siren shape. Again, another great new add on to the Power Master range. Your choice on this one!


Ace alarms hexagon shaped wireless siren

The New shape siren is available for the Power Master range