The Full user guide for the Visonic Power Master 10 / 30

Power master user guide

Here is a full downloadable copy of the Visonic Power Master 10 & 30 user guide. You can find all the information you need + more for your security alarm system.
Look under ” User Settings ” for changing you codes or deleting & adding extra codes, key fobs or proximity tags.
For more in depth features such as arming & disarming your burglar alarm system remotely, just look under the ” special features ” menu.
It is not always a good idea to disarm your burglar alarm system remotely as this will stop your alarm siren & power master panel & if the alarm activation is genuine – your assisting your intruder.
Note that our Visonic wire free alarm systems are programmed to sound for 10 minutes and then go quiet, the burglar alarm system will then re-arm itself (up to 3 times ) By this time the intruder would have disappeared or a key holder will have returned to check the activation.
All alarm systems are programmed to sound for a maximum of 15 minutes & should only re-arm 3 times. This is to comply with the noise & pollution act.