Changing phone numbers on the Visonic Power Master 10 & 30 control panels

Changing phone numbers on the Visonic Power Master 10 & 30 control panels

Here is an easy step by step guide on how to change a telephone number on your Visonic Power Master 10 & 30 alarm panels. You have phone numbers programmed into your alarm system if you are using the “Private report” facility which is built into the burglar alarm panel. The private report is basically a speech dialler. Speech diallers notify you if your alarm system is activated.

Step by Step Guide:

Step 1: Press “>>” Once  – Display shows “User Settings”.

Step 2: Press “i/o.k” – Display shows Enter Code

Step 3: Enter your 4-digit code

Step 4:Press“>>” Eleven times or until the display shows “Private report”

Step 5:Press “i/o.k” Twice – display shows “reported events”

Step 6:Press “>>” until you get to the phone number you wish to change & Press “i/o.k”

Step 7: Type in your new phone number and press “i/o.k” 

If you want to change another number – Press “>>” until you get to the next number that you wish to change “Press “i/o.k” and repeat step 7.

Step 8: Press the “man in the house” button until the display shows “o.k to exit”

Step 9: Press “i/o.k”


Vanishing door contacts for the Visonic Power Master range

Vanishing door contacts for the Visonic Power Master alarm systems are now available. The Vanishing door contacts are another new addition for the Power Master range. The MC302V PG2 new door contacts have been released with the Power Master 33 alarm system kits, but are also fully compatible to work with the Power Master 10 & 30 burglar alarm systems.

What’s new and different about these door contacts and why are they called “Vanishing” door contacts?

It is down to the size or more important the lack of it!

MC302v Vanishing door contacts, smaller and blend in nicely with door and window frames

The MC302v Vanishing door contacts are very slim and blend in well with doors and windows

Height : 62mm

Width  : 34mm

Depth  :  7mm


Compared to the original door contact for the Power Master Panels (MC302) and the updated &          more curved door contact (MC302E) they are considerably smaller. The MC302 & MC302E have        a height of: 81mm , Width of : 34mm , Depth of : 25mm. Both of these door contacts are available in White and Brown. They are powered by a single CR123 Lithium battery and have a life expectancy of up to 8 years, but expect around 4-5 years for a door that has average use.

The internal circuit board is very compact and is powered by a CR2032 Lithium battery (watch style battery ) and the casing is also available in white & brown. It still has the front and back tamper casing tampers, 2 way communicating with the control panel and is fully compliant with European standards and International standards.It’s long transmission range means you can have these door contacts installed on any window or door throughout your property and why not protect the garage and outbuildings doors and windows too.

To fit all this technology into such a slim and compact casing is impressive!

The New Kp 250 Pg2 Keypad and existing keypads for the Power Master Range – Compared

Another new keypad for the Power Master alarm systems has arrived! 

Visonic has released a new burglar alarm system in the Power G / Power Master range – the New Power Master 33 and along side it a few new devices which are all compatible with the Power Master 10 & 30 which is great news and it’s why we all like Visonic so much as they keep producing new security devices which can be added to your existing Visonic Power Master alarm systems.

I am not going to be looking at the pro’s and con’s of the new Power master 33 just yet as we are still testing the systems ourselves and checking the new features and the differences it brings. We are coming to the end of our testing very soon, so please keep an eye out for the blog on this and also on our website. I am not too overwhelmed by the control panel & as a Kit, but the Keypad looks great – The New KP250 PG2:

The New Keypad for the Power Master control panels

New! KP250 PG2
Visonic Power Master Keypad


NEW Visonic KP250 keypad for the Power Master intruder alarms.

–   LCD Display

–   Separate push button numerical keypad

–   Allows Full access to all programming menu’s for user’s and engineer’s

–   Integrated Proximity Tag reader

–   Built in Low volume sounder for Entry/Exit tones

–   2 x Button Panic Alarm

–   Works with All Visonic Power Master alarm panels


The Kp250 PG2 keypad is a very stylish looking keypad with a white finish and blue back lit LCD screen display. It’s size is average for a typical alarm system and is 150mm wide, 100mm and 20 mm in depth.

A new Kp250 keypad can be installed with the new Power Master 33 kit or it can be added to a new or existing installation with a Power Master 10 & 30 control panel. The huge difference this keypad makes to an installation is the fact you can now keep the main control panel (brains of the system) in a discreet place, as you can access all the programming menus for users or installers on the remote keypad. With the other keypads available for the Power Master range, you would still need to view the control panel’s on board keypad to change any programming of the alarm system.

The Kp140/141 is the original keypad for Power Master range, which had a numerical push button style keypad. There was no display on this at all, after pressing the “closed padlock” symbol followed by your code you will hear the exit tone bleeps. If no beeps were heard,you would see a red led light up – which means it won’t set and it is off to find the main control panel to check the fault.

It was the first touch screen keypad – Kp-160 PG2 , which also has a nice stylish finish and LCD display, but this keypad lacks control. It is just an arming station where you can set/unset and part set your alarm system. If there are any issues with your alarm system, you would see a warning symbol appear. This prompts you to then look on the main control panel to investigate further, so you would still need the main Power Master 10 or 30 control panel to be installed in an accessible area and at eye level to view the LCD display.

The Kp-160 first started as a proximity tag reader only and you could only set/unset or part set your alarm system by presenting a proximity tag to the tag symbol. This seemed to be fine as long as you have your proximity tag at hand and not where most people have it attached to – their set of keys.Which is o.k, unless it is buried deep in your pocket or handbag and a frantic panic kicks in whilst finding them. It wasn’t long before Visonic redesigned the keypad to have a touch screen numbered keypad, Fantastic i thought, but the keypad doesn’t tell you anything still – it remains an arming station only… to turn the Burglar alarm on or off.

Getting back to our new edition Keypad (Kp250 PG2) we have full control from this keypad and you as end users can set or unset your burglar alarm and now change anything you want – codes/telephone numbers/time & date etc. Plus you can view the history log and any issues that there could be. From the Engineers point of view, we can access everything and don’t need to go to the end station (control panel)  unless we are carrying out routine maintenance ,checking the back up battery (which should be checked annually) and checking mains or phone line connections. We don’t mind getting down on our hands and knees for that part, so the control panel can be placed in a more remote or less accessible are if required to make a neater installation.

What the kp250 doesn’t do is light up the display on the keypad during the entry period. I have heard that a few people dislike this and that you have to press a button on the keypad to see the display (light it up). Is this a bad design? It was designed like this by “Visonic”, so that the battery life expectancy remains at 4 years. (this could be a little less if the keypad has heavy use). The keypad runs on standard AA alkaline, which again should be checked annually to keep your alarm system running smoothly. In my opinion, i don’t think the keypad remaining dark during entry is a bad thing. If it was a genuine break-in through the first entry point .i.e the front door, it would start the entry exit beeps before going into full alarm condition and by having an already illuminated keypad, you are drawing attention to where it is and potentially assisting the Intruder.

The other great advantage about having the keypad on display and within a handy location,with the main control panel of the burglar alarm system somewhere else and hidden.Is it is again making it harder for the Intruder to turn off or vandalise it. The main Power Master control panel is still keeping the sirens going and if your system is connected to the phone and your using the built in Auto Dialler then they are likely to be caught doing it!

Our verdict on this keypad is it’s very good in terms of style, ease of use, much neater install for the whole alarm system and good value for money.


 The New Kp-250 Pg2 costs £135.00 inc *

*Price if installed at the same time as having a new Visonic Power Master 10,30 or 33 alarm system. If adding to an existing alarm system the costs would be from £180.00 inc (the keypad cost + installation)

If you are interested in having the New keypad, please call one of our team for more information and booking in an installation on 01444 247960



Moving into a new home and want to get it secured ?

When moving into a new house it is always a good idea to think about safety and security.

Do you know who has a key to the existing locks to your front, back or side doors?
It may be worth while getting the locks changed.

How vulnerable is your property to being broken into?

A would be intruder

Unfortunately most people are a potential target, Burglars of any description i.e youth’s , people who want to feed a drink or drug habit and the desperate people who would not normally turn to crime but can’t resist an easy picking.

Getting your home made safe and secure quickly is one of the first things you should do.
Safety is a must ,so check if you have any smoke alarms installed and if so test them, If they do then great, but keep them tested each week.
The fire brigade are advertising a “test it Tuesday” campaign to get people to test their smoke detectors each week.
If you do not have any smoke detectors or you have some but they don’t work, then get them replaced !

Onto security !

Your new home may have an existing burglar alarm , so the first step is to change your code on the burglar alarm and then get your system serviced,as to ensure that all the detectors , back up batteries , siren and control equipment works correctly.

Moved into a new build ?

Quite often they are pre-wired for burglar alarms, this makes it easier and cheaper to get an alarm fitted, in each room there may be a blanking plate up in the corner of a room , these have cables behind for a motion sensor to be installed. You may find others dotted around your house and these could be for other security devices such as panic buttons, keypads, siren ( wire on the outside ) .
When your house is pre-cabled its then a case of calling us or another respectable company up and get a quote and you should then be able to secure yourself and your property.

If you have moved into a new property and its not pre-cabled,Then there are still nice and easy options to getting an alarm installed.
The most popular and only wire free product that we find good value and with excellent reliability that we would recommend for our customers for us to install is an intruder alarm using the latest in”visonic” wire free technology .
They are not as expensive as you may think and could save you a lot of hassle down the line, if your house was to be burgled.

Important – we advise against most alarms in the do it yourself range . In our experience there quality is far less reliable and do not receive a grade ( all professional intruder alarms are graded )
If an alarm is part of your insurance requirements you will need to be advised on the grade of system you need.
Call us for a Free quotation on 01444 247960.