Auto Diallers / Speech Diallers – Enhance your safety & Security – economically.

Auto Diallers and Speech Diallers

These great devices are a must when it comes to enhancing your burglar alarm system.

Connections to the Police are a waste of time for most properties (in our opinion). The Police are so stretched with cut backs etc that alarms going off are very low down on their pecking order. You would get a better response from the Police if you alarm was triggered and a neighbour looked over, seen an intruder and called 999. As the Police do want to catch these criminals, but don’t need wasted time.

With an Auto dialler it is a big step up from a siren only system. It is also saves you monthly/annual charges to a monitoring station. Once a dialler is fitted or connected, the only cost is the price of a call from your phone provider.

Some commercial or high residential properties require a response or monitored system, In theses situations we connect your alarms to a central station and to a security guard company only. This gives a more reliable reaction, but it does work out pretty expensive. (with monitoring costs + security guard charges)

The majority of our customers like the fact that their alarm system can notify them by phone that their alarm has been activated.

Having your alarm system linked through to your phone has several benefits:

Alerts you if your burglar alarm has been triggered by an intruder. – it is very rare indeed that homes with burglar  alarms would get targeted, as intruders don’t want to get caught! but sometimes it can happen if your alarm is looking neglected (old rusty bell box) or you live in a remote area with no neighbours around nearby and in the very worst case ( & highly unlikely) that the intruder doesn’t care that there is an alarm and is not thinking about the consequences or know what they are doing due to drugs or drink.

The most popular by far of our Burglar alarm systems are the Visonic wire free alarms. The Visonic Powermax Complete alarm panels and the

Power Master 10 & 30 all have a built in auto dialler which connects to your home or business phone line. With Visonic designing this into your security alarm panel saves you money straight away from having to purchase a dialler separately – Saving around £175.00.

The Visonic Power Master 10 – has a dialler ,which when activated will call your phone (up to 4 private telephone numbers – mobile or land line)

When you receive that call you will see the telephone number from which the alarm has been connected to, so you can identify what property has had the alarm activation. Upon answering the call you will hear the noise of the alarm going off only. To acknowledge the call and to stop the dialling calling the next number , you must press “2” on your phone handset.

For most people this type of waning is sufficient enough for them to take action.

The Visonic Power Master 30 and the Powermax Complete alarm panels have an auto dialler with voice, where the address of the property can be recorded. “Mrs Jones at 12 The Road,”. You will also hear what type of situation has happened with the alarm – “Burglar Alarm” – “Panic Alarm” -“Medical alarm” or”Tamper Alarm” , if needed in buildings like stock rooms you can get a call to say which user opened the door and at what time.

With the voice on these 2 panels you also have the benefit of listening into your property, this is through the main alarm panel only, but you would be suprised how much you can hear if the panel is installed in a central place like the hallway .

When you receive the call on your phone – you just need to press “6” to listen in.

By being able to listen into your property, you are reducing the chance of coming in to a dangerous situation. If the alarm has been set off by something falling over – then fine it can happen and it isn’t the end of the world, but if it was a genuine break-in, you are avoiding putting yourself or others in danger.

You can also speak through your alarm panel at the same time if you wish and we have installed & set up many of these panels like this where the home owner is elderly or disabled . By adding an emergency pendant for that person.It works very much like a life line does, but instead of it calling an operator it calls a relative or neighbour. Some elderly people like this as they feel that they are not relying on outside help quite as much and keeping more independence – Note:Life line is quite often more advisable if there is more medical requirements.


All of these systems are connected from the main burglar alarm panel to the phone line via a hard wired connection and the typical price for adding this to your security system is £30.00

Other options are available to connect up, so please feel free to ask or read our blog on phone connections.


On Existing hard wired alarms you can install a separate speech dialler for around £175.00 inc installation.  (and it doesn’t matter what make or model it is as long as it has a siren trigger output on the alarm panel and most professional alarms have this).

With these diallers you won’t be able to listen in and speak through it without having additional equipment.


If you require any more information or assistance with choosing an alarm system or adding an Auto dialler to your existing system then please feel free to give us a call or drop as an email.

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