Vanishing door contacts for the Visonic Power Master range

Vanishing door contacts for the Visonic Power Master alarm systems are now available. The Vanishing door contacts are another new addition for the Power Master range. The MC302V PG2 new door contacts have been released with the Power Master 33 alarm system kits, but are also fully compatible to work with the Power Master 10 & 30 burglar alarm systems.

What’s new and different about these door contacts and why are they called “Vanishing” door contacts?

It is down to the size or more important the lack of it!

MC302v Vanishing door contacts, smaller and blend in nicely with door and window frames

The MC302v Vanishing door contacts are very slim and blend in well with doors and windows

Height : 62mm

Width  : 34mm

Depth  :  7mm


Compared to the original door contact for the Power Master Panels (MC302) and the updated &          more curved door contact (MC302E) they are considerably smaller. The MC302 & MC302E have        a height of: 81mm , Width of : 34mm , Depth of : 25mm. Both of these door contacts are available in White and Brown. They are powered by a single CR123 Lithium battery and have a life expectancy of up to 8 years, but expect around 4-5 years for a door that has average use.

The internal circuit board is very compact and is powered by a CR2032 Lithium battery (watch style battery ) and the casing is also available in white & brown. It still has the front and back tamper casing tampers, 2 way communicating with the control panel and is fully compliant with European standards and International standards.It’s long transmission range means you can have these door contacts installed on any window or door throughout your property and why not protect the garage and outbuildings doors and windows too.

To fit all this technology into such a slim and compact casing is impressive!