Auto Diallers / Speech Diallers – Enhance your safety & Security – economically.

Auto Diallers and Speech Diallers

These great devices are a must when it comes to enhancing your burglar alarm system.

Connections to the Police are a waste of time for most properties (in our opinion). The Police are so stretched with cut backs etc that alarms going off are very low down on their pecking order. You would get a better response from the Police if you alarm was triggered and a neighbour looked over, seen an intruder and called 999. As the Police do want to catch these criminals, but don’t need wasted time.

With an Auto dialler it is a big step up from a siren only system. It is also saves you monthly/annual charges to a monitoring station. Once a dialler is fitted or connected, the only cost is the price of a call from your phone provider.

Some commercial or high residential properties require a response or monitored system, In theses situations we connect your alarms to a central station and to a security guard company only. This gives a more reliable reaction, but it does work out pretty expensive. (with monitoring costs + security guard charges)

The majority of our customers like the fact that their alarm system can notify them by phone that their alarm has been activated.

Having your alarm system linked through to your phone has several benefits:

Alerts you if your burglar alarm has been triggered by an intruder. – it is very rare indeed that homes with burglar  alarms would get targeted, as intruders don’t want to get caught! but sometimes it can happen if your alarm is looking neglected (old rusty bell box) or you live in a remote area with no neighbours around nearby and in the very worst case ( & highly unlikely) that the intruder doesn’t care that there is an alarm and is not thinking about the consequences or know what they are doing due to drugs or drink.

The most popular by far of our Burglar alarm systems are the Visonic wire free alarms. The Visonic Powermax Complete alarm panels and the

Power Master 10 & 30 all have a built in auto dialler which connects to your home or business phone line. With Visonic designing this into your security alarm panel saves you money straight away from having to purchase a dialler separately – Saving around £175.00.

The Visonic Power Master 10 – has a dialler ,which when activated will call your phone (up to 4 private telephone numbers – mobile or land line)

When you receive that call you will see the telephone number from which the alarm has been connected to, so you can identify what property has had the alarm activation. Upon answering the call you will hear the noise of the alarm going off only. To acknowledge the call and to stop the dialling calling the next number , you must press “2” on your phone handset.

For most people this type of waning is sufficient enough for them to take action.

The Visonic Power Master 30 and the Powermax Complete alarm panels have an auto dialler with voice, where the address of the property can be recorded. “Mrs Jones at 12 The Road,”. You will also hear what type of situation has happened with the alarm – “Burglar Alarm” – “Panic Alarm” -“Medical alarm” or”Tamper Alarm” , if needed in buildings like stock rooms you can get a call to say which user opened the door and at what time.

With the voice on these 2 panels you also have the benefit of listening into your property, this is through the main alarm panel only, but you would be suprised how much you can hear if the panel is installed in a central place like the hallway .

When you receive the call on your phone – you just need to press “6” to listen in.

By being able to listen into your property, you are reducing the chance of coming in to a dangerous situation. If the alarm has been set off by something falling over – then fine it can happen and it isn’t the end of the world, but if it was a genuine break-in, you are avoiding putting yourself or others in danger.

You can also speak through your alarm panel at the same time if you wish and we have installed & set up many of these panels like this where the home owner is elderly or disabled . By adding an emergency pendant for that person.It works very much like a life line does, but instead of it calling an operator it calls a relative or neighbour. Some elderly people like this as they feel that they are not relying on outside help quite as much and keeping more independence – Note:Life line is quite often more advisable if there is more medical requirements.


All of these systems are connected from the main burglar alarm panel to the phone line via a hard wired connection and the typical price for adding this to your security system is £30.00

Other options are available to connect up, so please feel free to ask or read our blog on phone connections.


On Existing hard wired alarms you can install a separate speech dialler for around £175.00 inc installation.  (and it doesn’t matter what make or model it is as long as it has a siren trigger output on the alarm panel and most professional alarms have this).

With these diallers you won’t be able to listen in and speak through it without having additional equipment.


If you require any more information or assistance with choosing an alarm system or adding an Auto dialler to your existing system then please feel free to give us a call or drop as an email.

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Burglar Alarms and Access Control

Keeping your property secure is not just about keeping the doors and windows locked. Getting an Access Control system linked to a burglar alarm system could make your property more secure than any lock and key system ever could. Burglar alarms come in a variety of types but can be split into two main groups.

Wireless Alarm System from Ace AlarmsWire Free Alarms and Wired Alarms. Wired alarms are the historically easiest to obtain and install as they’re all linked together with wires from the door and window sensors back to the main alarm unit. installing these types of burglar alarms can be done by the amateur but is usually best left to the professional alarm system installer. However, the Wire Free alarm systems can be purchased in a local hardware store and all linked together in your home or business via a wireless signal much like a standard WiFi signal.

This leaves the would be burglar with no wires to bypass or cut so it’s more difficult to get around. Burglar alarms can also be set up to send you a text message of call you if there is a problem like someone trying to break in to your property.

Thinking about Access Control this can also be linked to your system and be controlled by key-fob type remote controls just like the remote fob for your car locks and alarm.

Like all system these Key Fobs can be added to and programmed for your system as an d when you need to allow additional people access to the property. Maybe you have a new employee at your work premises and need to allow that person access to certain parts of the building. Access Control can do that for you. Allowing entry and exit through one door only and no access to any other doors.

Getting a professional installer is the best way to go with access control as they’ll be able to guide you through the pros and cons of each system and how they can all be linked up to any burglar alarm that you may have installed. Couple this with CCTV and your property could be the most protected place you’d want it to be.

Do You Fight To keep track of an elderly parent who has a tendency to wander off?

Ace Alarms in Sussex provide free evaluation and quotes for your security systems, lighting and Wire Free Alarm Systems. One of the newest and effective systems of deterring thieves is by installing anti-burglar gizmos and a barking dog alarm is the most effective among its kind. The most vital asset we have is our home, so shielding it from thieves is critically significant. Studies show that a barking dog alarm can actually deter thieves as they’ll think that you’ve a gigantic unpleasant dog within. An anti-burglar device is generally made from electronics and is fitted with sensors and low-voltage power system that’s controlled by main management system. Understand your Alarm System needs in the initial step in picking your house burglar alarm system is to appraise and understand your requirements. A method to approach this job is to sit and make a straightforward list of your issues. Are you nervous about the security of your kids? Do you battle to maintain track of an old parent who tends to meander off? Have you got valuable electronics apparatus in the home? Have you got a set of art, jewellery, or antiques? The step after that is to check in recently released news stories that have made you feeling less secure.

The newest and most  innovative among alarm systems is the extensive expansion of the use of wireless alarms.

Has there been a rise in the crime rate in your area?
Has there been a home invasion close by?
Has there been an epidemic of vehicle burglaries?

Now think about your property. Today, many thousands of householders have switched into the more practical and safer wireless thief alarm to competently and efficiently protect their home, themselves, their loved ones along with their property in total.

In stark contrast to the old, normal wired thief alarms that depend on electricity or some kind of battery power, these new and cutting edge wireless alarms do come in self powered units that don’t depend on electricity and don’t come with wires. Wireless alarms are sometimes utilised and exploited by owners that would like to immediately secure their home or property due to its exceptional features.

3rd , one of the best advantages of wireless alarms is they are fast and easy to install. There aren’t any wires that need to be run thru the walls. Wireless Thief Alarm Elements Like hard-wired thief alarms, your system can be as straightforward or as complicated as you want. From an easy door alarm for a loft or apartment above the second or 3rd floor to a whole-house system, your wireless thief alarm can be configured for your particular wishes. Each system will have a management panel, regularly mixed with a keypad, a siren or alarm, a panic button, a connection to a phone line, and switches or magnetic sensors for each exterior door and window. How could this occur? They’ve a safeguard system. The most typical reason that thief alarms might fail isn’t the systems fault in the slightest. Even with good gear, there are a couple of things that may go bad and set off a thief alarm to fail.

These Alarm Systems Are Actually Capable Of Calling The Fire, Ambulance Or Police Dept Instantly.

Ace Alarms in Sussex provide free evaluation and quotes for your security systems, lighting and Wire Free Alarm Systems. It might be foolish to enfeeble the ‘hidden expertise’ of thieves in this highly technically advanced age. Nevertheless such a move from your part will never be welcomed by a potential thief. They frequently come up with more recent techniques, in the interests of dodging us, of cutting and interrupting our own standard hired-wired thief alarms systems. Then where this thief will go? I feel pity on him. So he appears to hold an individual grudge against a Wireless Thief Alarm System. But for people that aren't so assured in their electronics understanding, depending on pro installation of the thief is a practical, commonsense way to grasp the work has been done properly.

But how does one decide what to buy? These crucial factors you must consider in selecting which home thief alarm to get : * Straightforwardness of Installation Many tech-savvy folks decide to speculate in DIY alarm kits. * Station Locations Modern thief alarm systems offer a selection of options for areas where your alarms will be installed. While sensors should be placed to observe doors and windows, you may have your system installed anywhere you would like it – walls and ceilings too – to watch exposed points thru remote or wireless sensors. Naturally, management panels should be found close to the most frequently-used doors and, if more than one management system is installed, near your sleeping area. Other main features include automated calls to the house owner's phone to tell them of emergencies or calls to an alternative if the house owner can not be found. Other systems use the area configurations to spot different communications techniques. Some thief alarm systems are also attached to record CCTV systems to make allowance for real time remote monitoring of the property. Many of those new designs are compact and can even defend your auto. The most significant traits of an efficient thief alarm system are its precision in identifying the right alarm outputs to reassure fast and correct replies and the unit’s precision in talking with the safety service supplier.

The alarm efficacy relies on the kind of area triggering, zone’s number, time inside a certain day, and other installed aspects in the monitoring scheme. These alarm systems are actually capable of calling the fire, ambulance or police dep. straight away. Do not be duped, though . Functions also include a call to an owners telephone or cell number in the event of emergency. Remember, not all products are born equal. Parable : a reasonable home security system is probably going to get the minimum amount of safety and security. Cost : Cost is generally the largest concern since most purchasers are after with the sweetest deals and not simply the best dealer. Fact : there are some products that are both effective and cheap.

Use Caution When You Use Motion Detectors In A Home With Pets!

Annually thousands of houses, companies, flats, and other buildings are burglarized. For people that are pro-active and make an attempt to frustrate would be thieves, nothing can be more maddening than when they pay real money to install a thief alarm system and they fall victim to a sneaky thief. From the dawning of history, there have frequently been folk who would prefer to nab from somebody than earn for themselves. How could this occur? They have got a safeguard system. When the sensors are tripped an alarm is formed to get a reply from the ones that here it. The newest alarm systems are generally hard-wired to be less pricey. A retrofit wireless system are cheaper and quicker to install Most trespasser alarm systems are made for different purposes.

They include, ones that handle fire, intrusion and safety alarms. Feature and designs go from built in to little noise makers Also available are complicated designs that have multi sectioned systems that are PC based. The most typical sensors indicate when doors are windows are opened or damaged. Latest system designs are hard-wired to be cheaper, but retrofit wireless systems are cheap and simpler to install. Designs range all the way from tiny noisemakers to complicated communications systems. Thief alarm systems generally serve other purposes also.

That is the reason why you actually stick to standards. Clobber : It is another factor to think about in selecting the thief alarm system. This factor is extremely important since thieves can strike at any point. The basic apparatus package should ideally include motion detectors, RC for simplicity and a fairly shocking sound for the thieves to become scared and run off. It is important to do the study and know your new alarm system has a solid record of performance.

But take care when you use motion detectors in a place with pets!!! You've a right to require a trusty product and, when talking about thief alarms, your house security is dependent upon it. Look for well known firms with established good records and reps. It is also crucial to know the security service company you hire is actually worth the monthly charge. Ace Alarms in Sussex provide free evaluation and quotes for your security systems, lighting and Wire Free Alarm Systems.

Here’s A Fascinating Eventuality For You To Consider.

The most vital asset we have is our home, therefore protecting it from thieves is critically vital. Newest versions of electronic alarm systems come with alternative features and are always cost-efficient. Studies show that a barking dog alarm can actually deter thieves as they'll presume that you've got a great disagreeable dog within. An anti-burglar device is generally made from electronics and is fitted out with sensors and low-voltage power system that's controlled by main management system. Eventually , double-check to affirm that the system you buy is alright to your house insurance firm to be accepted for concessions.

Unlike standard alarm system, a barking dog alarm needs no installation and is accessible. Purchasing a Home Thief Alarm Many home security service firms sell and install thief alarm systems for you. The web is a brilliant source of info regarding thief alarms. You will find many solid reviews and product comparisons on the internet, and you can shop from the benefit of your arm-chair. You will find complete details on features and costs, and many internet sites offer careful product comparisons. A retrofit wireless system are cheaper and quicker to install Most trespasser alarm systems are created for different purposes.

The most recent alarm systems are typically hard-wired to be more cost effective. They include, ones that handle fire, intrusion and safety alarms. Here’s a fascinating eventuality for you to contemplate. Feature and designs range all the way from built in to little noise makers Also available are complicated designs that have multi sectioned systems that are PC based. A store chief is home sleeping after a tedious day at work. Constantly he gets a call from the safety system monitoring company saying that there's an alarm going off at the store. No damaged windows, no open doors, nobody in the shop, no obvious reason for the alarm to have sounded. The thief alarm system is a complex electronic gizmo containing sensors and a low-voltage power system hooked up to the key management system.

When the system’s signals are interrupted, hollering alarms get you interested and scare thieves away. The most typical sensors indicate when doors are windows are opened or damaged. Latest system designs are hard-wired to be more cost-effective, but retrofit wireless systems are cheap and simpler to install. Ace Alarms in Sussex provide free evaluation and quotes for your security systems, lighting and Wire Free Alarm Systems.

Moving into a new home and want to get it secured ?

When moving into a new house it is always a good idea to think about safety and security.

Do you know who has a key to the existing locks to your front, back or side doors?
It may be worth while getting the locks changed.

How vulnerable is your property to being broken into?

A would be intruder

Unfortunately most people are a potential target, Burglars of any description i.e youth’s , people who want to feed a drink or drug habit and the desperate people who would not normally turn to crime but can’t resist an easy picking.

Getting your home made safe and secure quickly is one of the first things you should do.
Safety is a must ,so check if you have any smoke alarms installed and if so test them, If they do then great, but keep them tested each week.
The fire brigade are advertising a “test it Tuesday” campaign to get people to test their smoke detectors each week.
If you do not have any smoke detectors or you have some but they don’t work, then get them replaced !

Onto security !

Your new home may have an existing burglar alarm , so the first step is to change your code on the burglar alarm and then get your system serviced,as to ensure that all the detectors , back up batteries , siren and control equipment works correctly.

Moved into a new build ?

Quite often they are pre-wired for burglar alarms, this makes it easier and cheaper to get an alarm fitted, in each room there may be a blanking plate up in the corner of a room , these have cables behind for a motion sensor to be installed. You may find others dotted around your house and these could be for other security devices such as panic buttons, keypads, siren ( wire on the outside ) .
When your house is pre-cabled its then a case of calling us or another respectable company up and get a quote and you should then be able to secure yourself and your property.

If you have moved into a new property and its not pre-cabled,Then there are still nice and easy options to getting an alarm installed.
The most popular and only wire free product that we find good value and with excellent reliability that we would recommend for our customers for us to install is an intruder alarm using the latest in”visonic” wire free technology .
They are not as expensive as you may think and could save you a lot of hassle down the line, if your house was to be burgled.

Important – we advise against most alarms in the do it yourself range . In our experience there quality is far less reliable and do not receive a grade ( all professional intruder alarms are graded )
If an alarm is part of your insurance requirements you will need to be advised on the grade of system you need.
Call us for a Free quotation on 01444 247960.

Get an Alarm Before Its Too Late…

Break ins are on the increase.

I hope I am not repeating myself here, but please think about your home security.

There are many ways you can help to protect your property:

1) the most important thing of all is getting a burglar alarm – you may think that you do not have much worth taking, but for the customers that I have dealt with over the last year alone , have been either very annoyed at the damage that a person has done during entry – to the people that feel quite terrified that someone has been inside their own property and are very nervous about staying their.

Fact – most burglaries that have taken place are my opportunist – all that they want is small items that they can get cash for quickly – in some instances, if they see a bag/wallet or car keys close to a window then they will just smash and grab!


Get an alarm fitted before the horse has bolted.

A simple way to have one installed is a wirefree house alarm VISONIC professional security system , this is the easiest way to install a burglar alarm , it is quick to install with very little mess involved, ( this is the only wire free product that we support as we have tried and tested it ourselves and have now installed a fair few hundred of them.)

Having a recognised company siren and decoy on the outside of your property is a big detterent on its own.
They are easy to use – by using an easy to use keyfob – which also has a built in panic alarm.

A system which consists of 1 door contact, 3 motion sensors , 1 control panel , external siren ( with 15 minute cut off timer)  1 decoy unit and 2 easy to use keyfobs can be installed for only £425.00

This is a small price to pay compared to the damage factors of a break in.
It could also lower your insurance costs.

There are no extra costs or tied into any contracts, but we do offer that facility and the current price and has been since 2006 is just £40.00 ( plus nparts if required)

Get a free no obligation quotation today for a burglar alarm on 01444 247960.
or for any further security requirements please also call on the same office number.