Wago’s – ideal alarm wire connectors

Wago’s a great tool for hard wired connections.

Wago’s are a push or snap fit connector’s which replace the old fashioned connector strip. Wago’s are normally used for joining electrical wires, but we have found them very useful indeed for connecting alarm wires.
It has been ideal for us alarm engineers when we are connecting up the burglar alarms 12v power connections inside the control panels (especially on the old fashioned alarm panels where there is only 1 x 12v Aux power output). These Wago’s are great as you can have 1 x 12v coming from the control panel into the first connection in the Wago – and then the additional alarm 12v power cables which supply your motion detectors (Pir’s) can go in the other terminals.

The Wago’s are very easy to use – just push your burglar alarm wire into the Wago and snap the Orange connection lever down. Your wires are now clamped in place and connected. If at any point you have a problem with one of your motion sensors and need to replace it, you don’t have to risk shorting out the 12v power cables.Open up your burglar alarm panel, identify the specific 12v power pair wire, lift the orange lever and simply pull out the wire. Once you have replaced your motion sensor, place the cable back inside the Wago and snap the orange lever back down. Job done!

We use the Wago’s for the other alarm cables too, like tamper wires in global tampered systems and connecting resistors into circuits too.

Wago’s come in different sizes,where you have 2-5 available connections.
Do remember that each of the holes on that set of Wago is connected to the others, so you cannot connect tamper wires up in series. When you connect global tamper connections up you use several sets of 2 hole Wagos.
Larger Wago’s are ideal for the Power pairs where they are all connected up in Parallel (joined together).

Wago’s are inexpensive too, They retail from £9.50 for a box of 50 (2 hole) and from £14.80 for a box of 50 with 5 hole connections.

All of our Alarm Engineers have found them great to use, from ease of first time connections in Burglar alarm panels to replacing connections in older burglar alarms after fault finding – where you are testing cables for faults.

Wago's alarm connectors

Wago’s an easy way to connect up alarm wires