Adding a new Keyfob to your Visonic Power Master 10 & 30 alarm systems

Adding a new Keyfob to your Visonic Power Master 10 & 30 alarm systems

You don’t need to have an engineer to come out to add another Keyyfob to your burglar alarm system. You can call us and we can put them into the post for you. This works a bit cheaper for you as you only pay us for the Keyfobs plus the postage & packaging and you save by not paying for an engineer to come out and do this for you. Don’t get us wrong, we are more than happy to come out and do this for you. We just believe in giving a good service at reasonable prices, even after you have had our Visonic power master alarm systems installed, you will receive great customer assistance.

Since our Visonic power master alarm systems are very secure, you cannot just buy any Keyfob and it will work your alarm system. They have to be learnt into your control panel and once it is learnt onto your Visonic power master alarm system following these next easy steps it is then secure and will operate your burglar alarm.

Once you have received your Keyfob follow this easy step by step guide.

Step 1:  Press “>>” once. The screen will show “user settings”

Step 2:  Press “i/o.k” button, You will now be asked to enter your 4 digit code – Enter your code now.

Step 3: The display shows “user codes” – Press “>>” 3 times.

Step 4: The display shows “keyfobs”  – Press “i/o.k” twice.

Note:  The display will be alternating between “Enter ID:XXX XXXX & Enrol now”. The Visonic manufacturers recommend that it is always best to enroll rather than entering the 7 digit id code as it learns how it communicates with the system whilst you have your keyfob at the property with you. It is a good idea for you to make a note of the 7 digit id code, it helps you identify who has a specific keyfob in case one gets lost and you have to delete it. You can find the 7 digit id number on the opposite side of the buttons on the keyfob.

Step 5: Holding your new keyfob “press and hole the * button until the keyfob led goes yellow = release the button and the yellow led will flash. 

Step 6:  The screen will show “Device enrolled”. Press the “i/o.k” button once.

The screen will go back to showing “add new keyfob” . If you are going to enroll another keyfob – repeat Step 5 & 6.

Step 7:  Press the “man in the house” button twice, the screen displays “press o.k” to exit.

Step 8:  Press the “i/o.k” button.

Your new keyfob is enrolled and ready to use.