Security Lighting

Security lighting can assist you in many ways

Security Lighting is an essential aid during the Autumn/Winter months and  assists people in many different ways.

Lighting up your drive way at home, helps you and your visitors see their way safely to your front door.

Lighting up your staff car park at work.A lot of employees do feel vulnerable when walking through the dark ,so having a security light or lights will help illuminate the area and will make them feel more secure when leaving at the end of the day.

Whilst it is getting darker  earlier in the afternoon/evening, there are normally places around your home that gets dark more quickly. Having security lights around your home prevents “would be intruders” from trying to break-in, by making them more noticeable. Burglars and trespassers do not want to get caught, so if your home becomes brightly lit or a light switches on when they walk up your drive or across your property they are likely to move on more quickly.




Outside lighting is an excellent deterrent for would be intruders.



Outside lighting and security lights can be of great assistance all year round . For example: having to put out the rubbish in the evening when it is dark isn’t much fun. It is can be very easy to fall over something in the dark when you step out of your back door .When security lighting comes on it enables  you to see your way more easily and can save on many silly or preventable accidents from happening.

Security lights come in many different styles and colors, from small and decorative porch lights to 400 watt floodlights/ LED floodlights .

Single outside lights can be installed from only £90.00 per light up to a fully designed outside lighting system.


Stylish chrome porch light.

Twin led security light installed by Ace Alarms

Stylish chrome porch security light.                    Adjustable twin LED security light with 180 Pir.



LED security lights are becoming increasingly popular and come in a variety of designs and output (brightness).

LED security lights are more expensive to buy in the first place, but you will save more money in the long run as they are only around 20% of the running costs compared to Halogen lighting.

Another benefit of LED over Halogen lights is the maintenance. A Halogen light bulb doesn’t have a long life, which means that you will need to replace it. Some people aren’t happy with getting up a ladder to change the bulb,so you will need to call someone out to do this for you (which means more money). LED’s will last significantly longer.

Lighting planner









Ace Alarms And Security Systems have a fully qualified electrician to help decide which is more suitable for your requirements.

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