Visonic Power Master

Visonic  Power Master – wireless security alarms

Visonic Power master 10 and Visonic Power master 30 systems are the superior burglar alarms of the Visonic systems. It incorporates a frequency hopping technology! which means it can change the frequency it is communicating on to another , making it’s reliability and robustness even better. The distance it can communicate is far greater, making it easier to install in larger premises without the need of repeater  panels to boost the signal distance. Easier to have out buildings added to your home security system.

What is great about Visonic is that they are always bringing out new devices allowing you to upgrade or expand your existing home security system. Like the new KP250 Pg2 Keypad  with the stylish blue backlit LCD screen and the new vanishing door contacts – which are even smaller and thinner than regular door or window contacts – Suitable to fit on virtually every make of door and window and less noticeable.

The Visonic Intruder alarms can accommodate:

With the Power Master 10 control panel:

  • up to 30 zones
  • up to 8 key fobs
  • up to 4 wireless keypads
  • up to 4 repeater panels
  • Can be upgraded to have the “Visonic Go App” – Control your alarm system via your mobile phone (Android & iphone) or tablet remotely.

*Note: does not have the voice prompts.

With the Power Master 30 control panel:

  • up to 64 zones
  • up to 32 key fobs
  • up to 32 keypads
  • up to 8 sirens
  • up to 4 repeater panels
  • Can be upgraded to have the “Visonic-Go App” – Control your alarm system via your mobile phone (Android & iphone) or tablet remotely.

*Does have voice prompts when setting the alarm system & when the auto dialler is activated, you will be notified of the type of activation i.e: Intruder,Fire or Panic alarm. It can also allow you to listen into your property through the alarm panels built in microphone!


What are the benefits of having the Power Master system ?

The Power Master has the great reliability as the “powermax complete system”, but it communicates between each device differently. Like the complete alarms each device has it’s own code that the control system can see and  is learnt into the system when installing ,You can buy more products to expand your systems,BUT No-one can come along with any key fob and turn a professional alarm off! Only Visonic complete will work with the complete range and the power master with the power master range and has to be installed correctly and independent to your alarm.

You can even control your home security system from your Mobile phone if you wanted to. It can also accommodate camera pir’s enabling you to look into your property. This New technology is available now, for more information go to our Visonic interactive page.

The Power master range uses the the new power g wireless technology to communicate with each security device,e’g a motion sensor or door contact.The main benefit of the Power master range is that is has a higher RF distance range capability  making it even easier in larger properties or houses with outbuildings to get a strong RF reading , a distance between 50m & 100m internally (Repeater panels are available to increase the range even further, but as to date we haven’t required any! )

The  control panel will talk to each device individually in turn and the device will talk back in response providing a high security 2 way monitoring and reduces the risk of missed alarms. If for some reason the frequency is being jammed or interfered with it will channel hop onto one of the other 4 frequencies. This frequency hopping technology is far greater than the European standards and also extends the battery life of each detection device.

The main benefit with the Power g burglar alarms systems is that it brings the wireless burglar alarms to be as reliable as a hard wired system. It is far easier to install in a property and making minimal disruption to the occupants home or office. The only part that needs a wire is the mains 230v-240v supply which is carried out by our qualified electrician and  a phone line cable & adaptor running from the phone line socket to the alarm panel

No interference between any other wire free products,such as broadband ,wireless heating controls,external interference, mobile etc

Each device (except 24 hour panic buttons or smoke alarms & medical pendants) is turned off and will not be active until you set your system to go out or to bed adding to the extended battery life. Depending on the security or safety devices being used ,you should expect the life of the battery to be from 4 – 8 years!!

powermaster 10 kit by visonic installed by ace alarms

The New Keypad for the Power Master control panels

New! KP250 PG2 Visonic Power Master Keypad


The New Keypad for the Visonic Power Master alarm panels.

Full access to all the user and engineer menus from the keypad, which means the larger

control panel can be hidden away if required. Makes for a neater installation.

This kp 250 Pg2 keypad can be installed with any new Visonic Power Master alarm system

for only £130.00 inc Vat. It can also be added to any existing Power Master panels – please call for a quotation.




The Power Master 10 Intruder alarm systems, supplied and installed from only £575.00 inc Vat 

Power Master 10 Wire free burglar alarm kit comprises of:

  • 1 Door contact
  • 4 Motion sensors
  • 1 External wireless siren with strobe light & optional flashing led – to act as a visual and audible deterrent
  • 1 Decoy unit
  • Power master 10 control panel which has a numerical keypad, back up battery in case of power cuts
  • 2 Easy to use keyfobs
  • Built in auto dialler which can call up to 4 private telephone numbers of your choice if the alarm is triggered -(connected  from the control panel  into your phone  line)

All of this kit is Just £585.00 inc


Power Master 30 alarm systems installed from £660.00 inc Vat

 (Which consists of the same kit as above, but with the Power Master 30 Panel)
Power Master 30 Control panel

Power Master 30 Control panel

 Additional extra’s available on the Power Master Range.

Here is a list of just some of the security devices available including the prices which are inclusive of vat and fitting*

  • Door contacts   £40.18 inc Vat
  • New Vanishing door contacts £46.25 inc Vat (smaller and discreet door/window contacts)
  • Motion sensors £53.70 inc Vat
  • Window/door vibration detectors £56.30 inc Vat
  • Medical emergency buttons £57.00 inc Vat
  • Key fobs £38.40 inc Vat
  • Remote Keypad £77.50 inc Vat (standard)
  • New Kp250 Keypad – £133.00 inc Vat(Full control of the alarm system – neater installations)
  • Proximity tags     £7.50 inc Vat
  • Smoke detector £60.00 inc  Vat
  • Heat detector     £57.00 inc Vat
  • Internal siren     £78.80 inc Vat
  • External siren   £102.00 inc vat
  • Camera Pir’s      £132.00 inc Vat ( requires visonic 2 go app and powerlink connection) – check out the visonic interactive

(* when installed at the time of a new installation, when expanding an existing security alarm – installation charges will apply)


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