Power G

The new power master series( Power G). Seems to be as good as it say’s it is. Before i was introduced to Visonic,which was over 5 years ago now. I never got on with “wire free” burglar alarms, as an engineer who has grown up through the intruder alarm industry and have seen so,so many wire free alarms installed and removed due to unreliable with false alarms and errors which were far from simple to overcome ( and that is from an alarm installer himself ) .
After i had been going solo for a while , i.e set up ace alarms during the early years. I was due to install several houses in a row with alarm systems and as per usual on new developments the timing was wrong, there was no chance of getting cables in anywhere, so i was advised by some top alarm distributors that visonic made a totally wire free alarm. I was not so sure, so before installing any i had installed as many as i could in friends and families houses, before installing them in my customers properties.
As i was told , they were good , they seemed to be worthy to put my name to it. No problems i am glad to say and now with over 500 installed that Visonic does what it say’s they are good and reliable .
Don’t get me wrong they can’t be used in every application or so i thought…..
In comes the new Power Master system which surprises me yet again. Even in the larger older houses / or new houses with more metal construction the signal strength and the range has dramatically improved again.
The new power G has something totally different to the powermax , the battery life for each security device has got so much longer , with the power G you can expect from 4-8 years in battery life. This is down to the devices remaining asleep until the device has been turned on/set.
Another key strength is the amazing and award winning channel/frequency hopping technology . Each device reports to the control panel in a specific order and the panel talks back, so you have a high security 2 way signal check and gives you an even more robustness from other wire free technologies. i.e/ wireless router ( unless sitting on top off the control panel)
We at Ace alarms have installed over 70 power master systems and received no complaints yet .. only praise . In my eyes as a security engineer i wouldn’t recommend anything less than Visonic. and with the New power master being our No.1 choice.