Obsolete – Carbon monoxide detectors

We have been informed by Visonic that the Carbon Monoxide detectors are currently obsolete, There is No issue with existing detectors at all.

The reasons were a little vague, but what i picked up on was that they were down to having a life span of 5 Years which the European regulations state that safety protection devices like smoke,heat and carbon monoxide detectors.

Now these devices can have a shelf life of 10 Years, so Visonic designers would have to go back to the drawing board to design and manufacture a new Carbon monoxide detector. At this point they would probably look at how much of these are manufactured compared to the selling and weighing up the costs.

Our Visonic representative that we are in regular contact with has stated that he thinks there should be another type of Carbon monoxide detector out late in the year. If this does happen, we will let you know and they will be back on sale and displayed on the website.

The Carbon Monoxide detectors are still being made and produced as normal for the “Power Master Range” and there are no plans, for that becoming unavailable.

Please note: we have seen Carbon monoxide detectors for the Visonic Powermax complete for sale on the internet, but there are only a few being sold and for over £144.00 which is a ridiculous price in our opinion.

It is very important that all houses have carbon monoxide detectors installed in their house as this Gas is a killer and it is odourless, so you can’t notice it coming. You can purchase a good stand alone carbon monoxide detectors over the internet and at most diy shops from around £18.00.