“memory” flashing on the Powermax complete

The Visonic powermax complete control panel will show the “memory” flashing on your screen if a problem or incident has occurred such as a power loss or phone line failure. If this light is flashing, but there is no yellow warning triangle up then the problem has been resolved. If your yellow warning triangle is lit, then the problem is still present. If you do not know how to resolve this i.e plugging your phone line back in or resetting your power if a trip switch has tripped, then it’s best to call out your installer.
The “memory” flashing (alternating between the time & date), is nothing to worry about and you can use your alarm system as normal.
If you want to clear this message you will need to press the i/o.k button continuously until the control panel has stopped saying any more messages.
Once you have reached the top of the menu the “memory” will disappear.
If this has not disappeared then try setting your alarm and then unset the alarm.
Your display should now show the time and date only.