HKC Hybrid alarm systems

Ace alarms install HKC hybrid alarm systems in a variety of properties across the Sussex and Surrey counties.

HKC hybrid alarm systems are ideal for alarm system upgrades and when expansion to an existing system is required without the need of running new cables in. HKC have designed there systems to be versatile, enabling the HKC hard wired burglar alarm system and their onboard wire free interface to work side by side.

The HKC 10/70 enables you to mix and match your devices to suit the property. If you decide that you need smoke detectors in your property, the smoke detectors need to be in the centre of the rooms ceiling or at least 1 foot away from the edge of the wall (smoke won’t billow in the corners, so it would take longer for the device to activate and when fire occurs, time is of an essence). Trying to get a new cable to that point could prove difficult and would mean the moving of furniture and lifting of carpets.

HKC 10/70 control panels have ten hard wired circuits onboard to begin with and if more hard wired circuits are required, then you would just add extra expansion modules. The control can also accommodate 7o wireless devices. In total only 70 circuits are available, they can be a mixture of wired and wire free -you choose.


Devices available on the HKC 10/70 range.

HKC Burglar alarm equipment

HKC wired and wireless devices used by Ace alarms to make a truly versatile bespoke alarm system


  • Wired or Wireless LCD keypad
  • Wired or Wireless External and Internal Sirens
  • Proximity tags to set and unset the system without the need of a code
  • Wireless Keyfob – to set and unset or part set the alarm
  • Wired or Wireless Quad technology movement sensors
  • Door contacts (available in brown or white)
  • Wireless panic buttons – saves on wires being seen go up the wall
  • Wired or Wireless – Smoke/heat and carbon monoxide detectors available

The wireless keyfob has additional security. You need to enter a sequence code on the buttons, before you can turn the alarm off.

HKC connected

The HKC control panel already has a speech dialler built in. In the event of an activation you will receive a call. This is wired into your home phone line. Once installed there are no ongoing costs apart from the cost of a phone call from your home phone provider.

HKC Secure Comm

Your security and the ease in the way that you can use it, is even more flexible and secure if it connected to the HKC secure comm service. Once your home security system is connected with secure comm, you can have an “App” on your Android or iphone” and control it from it here .

HKC secure comm provides the following benefits:

  • Notification of alarm activations or alarm problems
  • Set or unset your alarm system
  • Virtual keypad – everything you can do on your properties LCD keypad – you can do on your phone app
  • Ace alarms engineers can do remote diagnostics and conduct small programming changes if needed. (requires customer verification to Login – for security).


Burglar alarm phone app for HKC

With the HKC mobile App, you can be in control of your burglar alarm system remotely.








HKC Secure comm can be connected in 2 ways:

Wi-fi cards can be connected to your alarm system  via your broadband and linked with the “HKC Secure comm server centre”.

GSM modules can be installed on your panel – this eliminates the problem of loss connection, if an intruder was to disable the phone line.

HKC 10/70 prices

  • Existing alarm panel upgrade £285.00 inc – includes 1 x LCD keypad (wired) onboard speech dialler connection to the phone line & back up battery.

+ wifi card and phone app £75.00 inc (+ £6.50 per month)

+ GSM sim module £127.00 inc (+ £7.90 per month)

New HKC 10/70 installations from £695.00 – includes:

1 x HKC 10/70 control panel with back up battery

1 x LCD Keypad

4 x Wired Quad motion sensors

1 x Wired siren (with or without comfort light leds)

1 x decoy siren

1 x Internal Sounder

For a Bespoke HKC alarm system designed and installed to your requirements – Call 01444 247960 for a Free Quotation and site Survey.