Changing User codes on Scantronic 9651/9751/9851…

Here is how to change the user code for the Scantronic 9651/9751/9752/9850/9851/9853 control panels.
It is the same process for each panel and all the programming is done from the keypad (if you have more than 1 keypad on your system, you can do this from any of the keypads)

Step 1:
Enter your 4 digit code
Step 2:
Press “4” (Display shows – Old code _ _ _ _ )
Step 3:
Key in the Master code again (user 1 code) and press “tick”
(the displays shows the “U01” and any text description for that user i.e a name)
Note: If you wish to change the name for that user -use the keypad as follows –
1 = none
2 = ABC
3 = DEF
4 = GHI
5 = JKL
6 = MNO
7 = PQRS
8 = TUV
9 = WXYZ
0 = Space ‘ ( ) : . – ! &
C = Move left
D = Move right

To delete an existing name , move to the first character & press D.
When you have entered the name, press “tick” to continue with setting the code.

If you wish to change the master code press “tick” & go to step 6

Step 4:
Press the “X” repeatedly until the display shows the user number of the code you wish to change/add (if you only have the one code go to step 5
Step 5:
Press “tick”
Step 6:
Enter a new 4 digit code. ( this display shows for example – User 21 = 2120 )
Step 7:
Press “tick”

Note: If you have a partitioned system , the display shows the available partitions. Press A,B,C or D to assign that user to a specific area.
(Most residential homes will not have a partitioned system and the A,B,C,D keys are for different settings in the house and you will not have to worry about this feature/setting and your A key is for all the house to be set and B is usually a night time setting which sets the downstairs only with the upstairs isolated. The C and D settings would be set for different options of setting, for example a garage only on or a pet inside a certain room with the sensors in that area on and the rest of the house on.(you may not have any B,C or D settings)
These settings can only be done through engineering and would have been set at the time of installation or last engineer visit.

Step 8:
Press “tick”

To Delete a user code:
Follow steps 1-6 and when the keypad new user code enter “0000”
Press “tick”

All Done!