Changing Codes on the Visonic Power Master 10 alarm panel

Changing codes on the Visonic Power Master 10 alarm panel.

Here is an easy step by step guide to changing your code.

Step 1:  Press “>>” once. The panel display will show “user settings”.

Step 2:  Press “i/o.k” button and you will be asked to enter your existing 4 digit code. Enter your code now. 
Note: the default code is 1111 if it hasn’t be changed previously.

Step 3:  The system will now show “User Codes” – Press “i/o.k”

Step 4:   You will now see a black flashing cursor over the number “01” and a solid black square on the far right hand  side of the display screen. If you wish to change the existing code for user 1 , Press “i/o.k”

(if you want to change a different code or add another code – press the “>>” key until you get to the user number you wish to change and then press the “i/o.k” button. A black solid cursor at the far right hand side of the screen symbolises that there is already a code allocated to that user. You can still change any of the codes, just beware that your not deleting a persons code accidentally).

Step 5:   You will now see the code that is currently in use for that user and a black flashing cursor over the first digit (from the left) . Now Enter your new “4-digit code” and Press “i/o.k”.  The screen will now go bacck to the previous screen – showing “user 01  code”

If you want to add or change  another code , press the “>>” until you get to the next code you want to add/change.

Step 6:   Press the “man in the house symbol” until the display say’s “o.k to exit”

Step 7:    Press “i/o.k”

All done! your display will go back to showing “ready and the time” and is ready for you to use.