Changing codes on a Bell – door entry system

Here is how to change your code on your Bellisimo door entry system.

Step 1: Enter the program code – this is “1212” default code from the manufacturer (the red light will appear on the keypad)
Note: your installer may have changed this. Hopefully they left you with the code and instructions. If you do not know the program code – a door entry system engineer/installer will have to do this for you and will cost you a call out fee. If you do have to call an engineer to carry out this procedure – then ask him to program a code for you, so that you can change the codes in future.

Step 2: Enter ” 1* ” – ” new code” – “#”

Step 3: Enter ” ** ” this will exit you out of the programming mode. (the red light will go out)

Step 4: test the procedure has worked – keep another person inside, to prevent you locking yourself out, incase you didn’t carry out the procedure of changing of codes correctly.