CCTV (Closed circuit television ) is one of the fastest growing industries across the world with more cameras being installed in Premises every day.

Ace alarms CCTV with remote viewing capabilities

Ace alarms CCTV surveillance and recording systems give you eyes 24 hours a day and recorded onto a DVR (digital video recorder). The benefits for having CCTV installed are endless, but most of all,it leads towards criminals being prosecuted in a court of law,which is what we all want.

Each and every Home or business is different and that is why “ace alarms” design and install a CCTV system to meet your own individual needs and requirements, from single camera surveillance systems to a multi-camera system.

Most CCTV systems go back to a hard drive (DVR)  and this is the device which will be recording 24/7 on 720 resolution with analogue systems or 1080p High definiton on our newly released HDCVI CCTV systems. Your DVR will have a hard drive for your images to be recorded on to. The size of the hard drive will depend on how many cameras you have and the resolution (quality of picture) of the cameras. You can have the CCTV to be set up to record on motion only to reduce the size of the hard drive required, but it is always best to have it recording 24/7 to get the “whole picture” of the incidents when they take place.

Even when you are playing.watching the CCTV footage, at the same time our DVR’s will still be recording on all cameras. All our DVR’s have at least 1TB on single systems and up to 8 TB on 1080p HD camera systems. This amount of storage is always there to give you at least 1 months recording.

The amount of Camera’s you require will depend on the application in which  it is required. Shops will usually have cameras inside and is very useful indeed,especially if you have a shop full of people and only 1 or 2 staff serving. The cameras will also assist in giving you the ability to look down all your shop’s isles and secluded areas just by having a CCTV monitor near the staff area.Just by having the cameras seen on a screen will deter a lot of would be petty thieves.

Other premises where Ace alarms have installed CCTV surveillance & recording systems.

  • Garages – Protecting Valuable cars
  • Garage workshops – in case of accidents to personnel and customers vehicles
  • Restaurants & Pubs – To view staff working, tills and safes, customer and staff safety
  • Shops – protection from shop lifting
  • Residential properties large & small – burglary -vandalism & tresspassing
  • Warehouses – to protect stock, staff safety and staff management
  • Golf clubs – To keep an eye on the golf course,  to assist with smooth tee off times and to protect from unauthorised  entry.
  • Schools – protection of children & staff & property
  • Hospitals – protecting patients, staff & property

We have a wide range of CCTV cameras suitable for different applications.

Ace Alarms cctv cameras

There is a large range of CCTV cameras available from ace alarms




Our Analogue CCTV cameras have a minimum 700 TVL resolution and HDCVI are 1080p resolution (picture quality/the higher the number the better quality picture you will see)

Most people will want to be able to view their pictures at night, so the camera’s will be in colour during the day and at night turn to black and white. The cameras will have a selection of LEDS surrounding the Lens  or next to the housing on bigger cameras. These are infra-red LEDS and enable the camera to view at night in black and white. The more and higher quality of LEDS that are around the camera the better quality and distance that the camera can see during dark.The Infra red LEDS are hardly noticeable to the naked eye when on.

Our Analogue and HDCVI high definition CCTV systems can be connected to your broadband or internet servers and can be viewed remotely on iphones, android phones, ipads, laptops etc with one of our designated Apps.


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