Veritas 8c -changing codes

We have had a call out today with a customer having no code for a Veritas control panel. I cannot tell you how to default the codes for security reasons, but i have thought that it would be useful if some customers or owners of a Veritas control panel want to know how to change their existing code.
Step 1:
Enter your existing 4 digit code and press “prog”
Step 2:
Type in “60” followed by “enter”
Step 3:
Enter a new 4 digit code.
Step 4:
Press “Reset”

All done – your existing code should now be in and the old code gone.

I hope this helps.

How to Change the codes on the “Visonic Powermax Complete” Intruder alarm

Changing  user codes:

On the main control panel:

1: Press “>>” key twice (located next to the ” i/o.k ” ) – display shows – user settings

2: Press ”  i/o.k ” – you will be asked to enter your existing 4 digit code

3: Press ” >> ” key once . display shows – set user codes

4: Press ” i/o.k ” display shows – user code 1 – press ” i/o.k ” if you want to change user code 1 or press “>>” until you get to the user code you wish to change or add another user code. (up to 8 user codes can be used )

5: When you are on the code you wish to change press ” i/o.k ”

6: Enter new 4 digit code and press ” i/o.k ” – your new 4 digit code is now programmed in.

7: Press the ” man in the house key ” (located on the left, in between the closed padlock and open padlock symbols) until the screen shows  ” o.k to exit “.

8: Press ” i/o.k ”

All done !

Turning off the call feature on the “Visonic Powermax complete” burglar alarm

Disabling the auto dialler

If you have an Amber  warning triangle lit up on the security alarm control panel and you press the ” i/o.k  ” and the fault either say’s ” line failure ” or displays ” line fault “.

Then you will need to check your phone line connections to see if they have become unplugged or damaged. If you can’t see anything wrong with the connections – check your main telephone in the house to see if you have a dialling tone. If you don’t have a tone, then the fault is likely to be somewhere externally or inside the house but on the cable before it reaches the main telephone socket. You will need to get in contact with your phone service provider to rectify the fault.

In the mean time you will have a display on the burglar alarm panel screen saying ” not ready ” .

This will be due to the fact the phone line is down and you will need to turn off the calling feature of the powermax complete alarm.This will enable you to at least have a bells only system (internal & External sirens only- no calls )

So, please follow the next steps to disable the phone feature:

1 : Press ” >> ” key twice – screen display shows ” user settings.

2 : Press ” i / o.k ” followed by your 4 digit code .

3 : Display shows “privaet report ” – press ” i / o.k ” three times.

4 : You will now need to press the ” >> ” key until it shows” disable report ”

5 : Press ” i /o.k ” twice

6 : Press the ” man in  the house key ” – until the display shows ” o.k  to exit ”

7  : Press the ” i /o.k ” key.

You should now only have the green power light up on the burglar alarm panel and the Amber warning triangle light has gone out.

Your display will now show ready and the time ( if it flashes up with memory – this is perfectly normal – it shows memory , to make you aware that there has been a fault , but o.k now )

The Security alarm is now ready for you to use it again ( without the calling feature ) , but at least you can keep your property secure.

Once your phone line has been fixed – you can enable this call feature again.

To do this , repeat the process 1 – 3

4 : Press the “>> ” key , until the display shows ” alarms ”

5 : Press the ” i / o.k ” button twice

6 : Press the ” man in  the house key ” – until the display shows ” o.k  to exit ”

7  : Press the ” i /o.k ” key.

You should now have a green light only and no amber warning triangle – the alarm will now call you on the designated phone numbers that you programmed in.

Please read the”how to” change telephone numbers on the “Visonic Powermax Complete” burglar alarm system.

Changing the telephone numbers on the “Visonic Powermax Complete”

How to change the phone numbers your alarm calls

1: Press the ” >> ” key twice. – system displays “user settings”.

2:Press ” i/o.k ” – you will now be asked to enter your 4 digit code – system displays ” private report “.

3:Press ” i/o.k  “twice – system displays ” reported events “.

4: Press “>>” key until it displays the telephone number you wish to change ( 1st private tel, 2nd private tel: etc..) 

If you go passed the telephone number position, you wish to change. Press ” >> ” until you come round to it again.

5: Key in the new telephone number – you  can type over the existing number & don’t leave spaces.

(if you you wish to delete a telephone number & not enter another – press the ” unlock padlock symbol ” 

6: Press ” i/o.k ” twice.

If you wish to change another telephone number  – just repeat steps 4-6

7: Press the ” man in the house key ” until it shows – o.k to exit.

8: Press o.k .

All done !


Adding & Deleting Prox tags on the “Visonic Powermax complete”

Adding Tags

1: Press “>>” key twice – displays shows ” user settings “.

2: Press ” o.k ” – you will now be asked to enter your 4 digit code.

3: Press ” >> ”  until the display shows ” enroll prox tag “.

4: Press ” i/o.k ” – display shows ” Tag no:    ” ( black cursor flashing) .

5: Press ” >> ” until you see a ” Tag no:   with no black cursor next to it ” ( the black cursor means that there is already a tag programmed in that space )

6: Lift the lid up on the control panel and present the tag next to the tag symbol on the control panel. ( you will hear a “double bleep ” and a black cursor will appear next to the tag no on the control panel screen.

That tag is now learnt in !

7: Pull down the lid on the control panel & press the ” man in the house ” key until the screen shows – o.k to exit

8: Press “i/o.k ” key .

All done !

Deleting Tags

If you wish to delete a Tag

Repeat steps 1-4 from above then,

5: Press ” >> ” until you get to the tag number you wish to delete & press the ” unlock padlock ” symbol, the black cursor will then disappear ( that tag is now out of the system )

Repeat steps 7 & 8.

Power G

The new power master series( Power G). Seems to be as good as it say’s it is. Before i was introduced to Visonic,which was over 5 years ago now. I never got on with “wire free” burglar alarms, as an engineer who has grown up through the intruder alarm industry and have seen so,so many wire free alarms installed and removed due to unreliable with false alarms and errors which were far from simple to overcome ( and that is from an alarm installer himself ) .
After i had been going solo for a while , i.e set up ace alarms during the early years. I was due to install several houses in a row with alarm systems and as per usual on new developments the timing was wrong, there was no chance of getting cables in anywhere, so i was advised by some top alarm distributors that visonic made a totally wire free alarm. I was not so sure, so before installing any i had installed as many as i could in friends and families houses, before installing them in my customers properties.
As i was told , they were good , they seemed to be worthy to put my name to it. No problems i am glad to say and now with over 500 installed that Visonic does what it say’s they are good and reliable .
Don’t get me wrong they can’t be used in every application or so i thought…..
In comes the new Power Master system which surprises me yet again. Even in the larger older houses / or new houses with more metal construction the signal strength and the range has dramatically improved again.
The new power G has something totally different to the powermax , the battery life for each security device has got so much longer , with the power G you can expect from 4-8 years in battery life. This is down to the devices remaining asleep until the device has been turned on/set.
Another key strength is the amazing and award winning channel/frequency hopping technology . Each device reports to the control panel in a specific order and the panel talks back, so you have a high security 2 way signal check and gives you an even more robustness from other wire free technologies. i.e/ wireless router ( unless sitting on top off the control panel)
We at Ace alarms have installed over 70 power master systems and received no complaints yet .. only praise . In my eyes as a security engineer i wouldn’t recommend anything less than Visonic. and with the New power master being our No.1 choice.

Speech diallers – an extra security device to enhance your existing alarm system.

What is a speech dialler?
A speech dialler or an auto dialler is a device which is connected to your alarm system and your telephone line and calls you once your burglar alarm has been activated.

It is hard wired in to your phone line and to the burglar alarm. Once it has been installed you can then program the dialler to call one or several private numbers of your choice.
We at ” ace alarm” use a speech dialler made by “Pyronix” and the model is a V2Tel.
This auto dialler can be programmed to call up to 9 telephone numbers of your choice,
When the dialler has been triggered by your burglar alarm system it will then call the first programmed telephone number, once you have answered the phone you will hear a pre-recorded message letting you know that your alarm has been set off , allowing you to return home to carefully check your property or call a friend/relative to look in if you are away and notifying the police if necessary.
After you have received the pre-recorded telephone message you will be asked to enter an acknowledgement code. This tells your speech dialler to stop calling the next person on the list.

Who can it call?

The dialler can call any private telephone numbers or mobile numbers of your choice. (not 999)

When the auto dialler calls up ,it will ring the first person on the list,then the second,third and so on until it has received the acknowledgement code .

How much would it cost me to have a V2tel speech dialler installed?

It would cost between £150-£200 to be installed depending on the distance between the phone point and your alarm panel.

Note : Our wire free alarms already have an auto dialler built in which can call 4 numbers of your choice & there is only a one off connection charge of £30.00.

Once it has been installed ,are there any on going costs are charges.

No, the only time it will cost you money is if your alarm has been activated. It will then be a normally priced call depending on your phone provider not to “ace alarms” to the person who is receiving the call. ( the price of a telephone call )

Will it tell me the difference between a panic alarm being set off or a smoke alarm being activated?

Yes , the dialler can have several different means of being triggered and you can assign a separate message for each:

E.g : “this is Mr and Mrs Smith” at 25 meadow close” the burglar has been activated”

“this is Mr and Mrs Smith ” at 25 meadow close”the fire has been activated”.


An acknowledgement message will  then be heard

“please press 5 to acknowledge”

You then press 5 and you will hear the dialler hang up.


You can have the dialler enabled to turn your alarm system off , but we never recommend doing this , because if it was a genuine burglary ,you will want the alarm to carry on sounding and sending the intruder on their way.

Burglars DO NOT want to get caught, they do not want anyone coming to investigate,they just want to be in and out with no one noticing that they are there. That’s why burglar alarms work!

Speech dialler used be ace alarms

“an auto dialler lets you know if your burglar alarm has been triggered”

Wire Free Alam Systems

The use of wirefree alarm systems has increased considerably in recent years. This is mainly due to technological advancements in wireless alarm components. This is also due to the approval given by the ACPO (Association of Chief Police Officers) for the use of wireless burglar alarms for law enforcement response. However, alarm systems would have to comply with supervision standards set in the British Standard BS6799 Class 6. Class 3 and Class 5 wireless burglar alarms are still unacceptable for law enforcement officials in fact, Class 3 alarms are often low-quality, do it yourself alarms. Thanks to the official endorsement by the ACPO, alarm systems for consumer use started to gain a foothold in the market. Hybrid systems and completely wirefree burglar alarms are manufactured by a large number of companies, including Scantronic, FM Electronics, and Honeywell.

Knowing what to look for when purchasing a wirefree alarm system can help keep your home safe while providing you with significant savings. The main advantage of wirefree alarm systems is their ease of installation. Unlike wired burglar alarms, wireless devices do not require the installers to disrupt the client’s home and lifting floors or drilling into walls. Unlike most major installation projects, wirefree alarm systems allow installation without major inconveniences. Installation is also considerably faster than in the case with their wired or hybrid counterparts.

Some features to look for in a Wireless / WireFree Alarm System include speech dialers, which can automatically contact various numbers to signal an alert and a digital communicator. One of the most useful features in wireless burglar alarms is GSM radio signalling. With this, the alarm can be monitored 24 hours a day by a specified ARC (Alarm Receiving Centre.) If you are willing to spend a bit more, look for a wirefree alarm system with two-way audio, messaging, and voice prompting. Modern alarm systems often can be integrated into your smartphone and controlled remotely with a specific app. Most importantly, ensure that your alarm system complies with EN50131 PD6662 Grade 2 so that it will be convenient for law enforcement agencies and provide for an appropriately fast police response.

Burglar Alarms and Access Control

Keeping your property secure is not just about keeping the doors and windows locked. Getting an Access Control system linked to a burglar alarm system could make your property more secure than any lock and key system ever could. Burglar alarms come in a variety of types but can be split into two main groups.

Wireless Alarm System from Ace AlarmsWire Free Alarms and Wired Alarms. Wired alarms are the historically easiest to obtain and install as they’re all linked together with wires from the door and window sensors back to the main alarm unit. installing these types of burglar alarms can be done by the amateur but is usually best left to the professional alarm system installer. However, the Wire Free alarm systems can be purchased in a local hardware store and all linked together in your home or business via a wireless signal much like a standard WiFi signal.

This leaves the would be burglar with no wires to bypass or cut so it’s more difficult to get around. Burglar alarms can also be set up to send you a text message of call you if there is a problem like someone trying to break in to your property.

Thinking about Access Control this can also be linked to your system and be controlled by key-fob type remote controls just like the remote fob for your car locks and alarm.

Like all system these Key Fobs can be added to and programmed for your system as an d when you need to allow additional people access to the property. Maybe you have a new employee at your work premises and need to allow that person access to certain parts of the building. Access Control can do that for you. Allowing entry and exit through one door only and no access to any other doors.

Getting a professional installer is the best way to go with access control as they’ll be able to guide you through the pros and cons of each system and how they can all be linked up to any burglar alarm that you may have installed. Couple this with CCTV and your property could be the most protected place you’d want it to be.

Do You Fight To keep track of an elderly parent who has a tendency to wander off?

Ace Alarms in Sussex provide free evaluation and quotes for your security systems, lighting and Wire Free Alarm Systems. One of the newest and effective systems of deterring thieves is by installing anti-burglar gizmos and a barking dog alarm is the most effective among its kind. The most vital asset we have is our home, so shielding it from thieves is critically significant. Studies show that a barking dog alarm can actually deter thieves as they’ll think that you’ve a gigantic unpleasant dog within. An anti-burglar device is generally made from electronics and is fitted with sensors and low-voltage power system that’s controlled by main management system. Understand your Alarm System needs in the initial step in picking your house burglar alarm system is to appraise and understand your requirements. A method to approach this job is to sit and make a straightforward list of your issues. Are you nervous about the security of your kids? Do you battle to maintain track of an old parent who tends to meander off? Have you got valuable electronics apparatus in the home? Have you got a set of art, jewellery, or antiques? The step after that is to check in recently released news stories that have made you feeling less secure.

The newest and most  innovative among alarm systems is the extensive expansion of the use of wireless alarms.

Has there been a rise in the crime rate in your area?
Has there been a home invasion close by?
Has there been an epidemic of vehicle burglaries?

Now think about your property. Today, many thousands of householders have switched into the more practical and safer wireless thief alarm to competently and efficiently protect their home, themselves, their loved ones along with their property in total.

In stark contrast to the old, normal wired thief alarms that depend on electricity or some kind of battery power, these new and cutting edge wireless alarms do come in self powered units that don’t depend on electricity and don’t come with wires. Wireless alarms are sometimes utilised and exploited by owners that would like to immediately secure their home or property due to its exceptional features.

3rd , one of the best advantages of wireless alarms is they are fast and easy to install. There aren’t any wires that need to be run thru the walls. Wireless Thief Alarm Elements Like hard-wired thief alarms, your system can be as straightforward or as complicated as you want. From an easy door alarm for a loft or apartment above the second or 3rd floor to a whole-house system, your wireless thief alarm can be configured for your particular wishes. Each system will have a management panel, regularly mixed with a keypad, a siren or alarm, a panic button, a connection to a phone line, and switches or magnetic sensors for each exterior door and window. How could this occur? They’ve a safeguard system. The most typical reason that thief alarms might fail isn’t the systems fault in the slightest. Even with good gear, there are a couple of things that may go bad and set off a thief alarm to fail.

CCTV Captures unexpected happenings

We all know that the UK is the most CCTV Watched nation in Europe and that there are many scenes that are down right hilarious that are captured on CCTV and broadcast on TV shows and YouTube.

One disastourous event captured on CCTV in China caught our attention recentlyly when a woman walking down an ordinary street in China was suddenlt swallowed up by a collapsing pavement.

The woman remarkably was unharmed although a little shocked by the incident; was rescued by a passing motorist who witnessed the shocking event.

Webcam’s vulnerable from prying eyes on the internet

Trendnet WebcamUS-based Trendnet explains it is in the procedure of releasing updates to fix a coding blunder introduced in 2010. Nonetheless a a trend net spokesperson said  that roughly five % of clients had registered their cameras and it hadn’t yet issued an official media release – in spite of being aware about the problem for at least 3 weeks.

“We first became conscious of this on twelve January,” announced Zak Wood, Trendnet’s director of worldwide selling. “As of this week we have identified twenty-six [vulnerable] models.  In 7 of the vulnerable models, the firmware has been tried and released.

We forecast to have all the revised firmware available this week. We are scurrying to learn how the code was introduced and at about that point it feels like a coding oversight. Mr Wood added the California-based firm ascertained that fewer than one thousand units could be open to this threat in the United Kingdom, but couldn’t straight away supply an actual worldwide total beyond announcing it was most likely less than 50,000. Tech news report web site The Verge first publicized the issue last week after discovering a blog which had printed details of the weakness on ten Jan . Trendnet explains it is in the midst of releasing firmware updates for its devices. The writer then showed the way the Shodan search website – which specializes in finding online devices – might be used to find out cameras exposed to the failing.

“Last I ran this there had been something similar to 350 exposed devices that were available,” the writer wrote at the time. Nevertheless it seems that others then made use of the method to reveal other links and uploaded them to the net. Inside 2 days, a listing of 679 web addresses had been posted to one site, and others followed – in a number of cases listing the purported Google Maps locations linked with each camera. Messages on one forum included : “Someone caught a fellow in denmark ( traced to ip ) getting exposed in the bathroom.” Another recounted : “I think this fellow is doing sit-ups.”.

The firm – whose slogan is “networks that folk trust” – stated that it had halted cargos of influenced products to outlets and that any delivery received since the beginning of this month should be safe. Nevertheless it announced that items delivered at an earlier date might need a firmware update. “We are just getting to that point to be in a position to succinctly convey additional info to the general public who would be concerned,” expounded Mr Wood. “We are planning an official release of info to the general public concerning this, but ahead I’ll make it clear that this week we are targeting to have firmware to all influenced models.”.

But a caution was later added to its front page linking to a statement that claims : “It is Trendnet’s understanding that video from select Trendnet IP cameras could be accessed online in realtime.

As soon as they were alerted, Trendnet instituted instant actions to fix and publish updated firmware which resolves the vulnerability.”.

Rogue home security firms in Sussex and Surrey

Rogue home security firms are targeting Surrey residents in a swindle which can leave folk with bills of £5,000 or even more, police have announced. Police and trading standards have advised people not to handle cold-callers on the telephone or at the front door of their home.

Numerous residents have received calls about private security during the past few weeks, Surrey Police announced. These cold callers provide a free alarm but fail to say installation and upkeep costing thousands is all part of the contract.

Some have also made claims to guarantee a police reaction to any alarm activation. Trading standards information to anyone is considering installing a new alarm and or a CCTV system is to be totally clear about the real costs of installation and any continuing charges that are needed to cover the maintenance of the alarm system so that it stays in working order.

Reputable Security Company owner Steve HollandReputable Security Companies ongoing maintenance charges are on average £40 a year plus any replacement parts for a wire free alarm system which will give you an idea of the type of additional costs these rogue traders are adding on for no additional services.

Check out our Forward Thinking Security article for more info on alarm types and systems

Early Morning Robberies

Not only are thefts getting more frequent and more violent, but we also know that our old arch enemy, the morning glory theft, is coming round again. The morning glory theft got its name from the indisputable fact that it occurs first thing in the morning-before the banking office is opened.

Either the thief breaks into the office without detection, or hides at work the day before and waits overnite for the members of the staff to arrive the subsequent morning.

The theft has been cleverly planned ahead. The thieves have staked out the location some way in advance. There is a chance some banking staff member was involved in the planning. These type of thefts are so devastating the American BPA ( Bank Protection Act ) requires all bank security plans to have a working opening and closing plan accepted by the Board. How long will it be before this activity migrates to the UK and we see legislation here too.

The bank Audit Office in the USA took a pro-active role in the opening and closing procedures by policing the procedures in the branch audits. The opening process should be used when opening the bank every morning and at any other time the banking office is re-opened if all staff left while the office was closed. This process should be made part of the bank’s overall “Master Security Plan” and will be considered private. The quantity of workers having keys should be held to a minimum. Workers should be deterred from arriving before opening inspection and will be reminded that doing so threatens their safety. Consumers shouldn’t be admitted prior to starting of banking hours. The closing is comparable in nature to a revertible opening process. First survey the lobby for suspicious folks and check areas , for example discount booths, and the break room, where somebody could be hiding. Remember, once all consumers have left, lock all doors and don’t permit clients to reenter the banking lobby. This process should be made part of the bank’s overall “Master Security Plan” and will be considered private. The following provisions should be made part of the closing process.

Turn on all night lights not controlled at main panel or by timer or photo-electrical sensors. How long have the procedures been successful?

And today, like never before, pressures are mounting to open the banking offices early for numerous reasons, including early conferences, client account business, and so on.

Physical Security news – CNL Software

CNL Software, a world figurehead in Physical Security Info Management software, has signed Orion Security Solutions as a channel partner. Orion offers complete solutions in closed circuit TV, interloper alarms, access control and hidden technologies.

It designs, installs and maintains integrated systems for some of the United Kingdom’s number one setups both in the non-public and public sectors.

Along side companies like Orion, Ace Alarms has a proven record of delivering tailored security solutions to meet the precise needs of its clients including retail shops, public & private sector and home security.

“We have been defending folk, property, profit and brands for a considerable number of years and we are now looking to find new, inventive paths to help our consumers develop their security operations in these challenging times”, commented Paul Speariett, IT Director at Orion. Our work has been targeted on bringing down the threats to physical security operations and in turn reducing company risk.

you can be sure that your alarm system fitted by Ace Alarms will be to our highest standards of quality and workmanship. You’ll be please to see how clean and tidy the work area is left in your home or office and that all our staff are polite and careful.

Our speciality in Access Control and Alarm systems is in the Wire Free or Wireless Alarm systems with most of our work being carried out in Sussex home and businesses.

you need to have a burglar alarm fitted to your home or business if you are out in the wilderness of Sussex where properties are more at risk due to the rural nature of the surroundings and the lack of available witnesses to thieves misdeeds while they either “case your property” or actually break in after disabling your alarm system.

Alarms can be fitted that are had to disable and that can alert you to a problem even when you’re away from home by mobile telephone.