Changing codes on a Bell – door entry system

Here is how to change your code on your Bellisimo door entry system.

Step 1: Enter the program code – this is “1212” default code from the manufacturer (the red light will appear on the keypad)
Note: your installer may have changed this. Hopefully they left you with the code and instructions. If you do not know the program code – a door entry system engineer/installer will have to do this for you and will cost you a call out fee. If you do have to call an engineer to carry out this procedure – then ask him to program a code for you, so that you can change the codes in future.

Step 2: Enter ” 1* ” – ” new code” – “#”

Step 3: Enter ” ** ” this will exit you out of the programming mode. (the red light will go out)

Step 4: test the procedure has worked – keep another person inside, to prevent you locking yourself out, incase you didn’t carry out the procedure of changing of codes correctly.

The new Visonic Power Master 33 alarm panels

The New Visonic Power Master 33 alarm panels

Another new alarm panel from Visonic, but is it any better than the Visonic Power Master 30?

The New Visonic Power Master 33 control panel (below) is the brains of the system and is known better as an end station, as it has no controls on it, i.e:No numerical keypad for you to operate the system from, but this contains all the clever transmission equipment in like the multi channel frequency hopping spectrum and the AES 128 encryption which both add to being a reliable and robust technology (this technology is the same for all of the Power Master range).


Visonic Power Master 33 control panel








The New Keypad for the Power Master control panels

New! KP250 PG2
Visonic Power Master Keypad


With the new Power Master 33 control panels, you (the user) control your alarm system from the New KP250 keypad (left).

Keyfobs can also be used on all of the Visonic range to set, unset, part set your alarm system and by pressing the set & part symbols together is a panic alarm.






The control panel itself  just contains the alarm brains and it is in a blank box (on the outside),engineers call this the “end station”. You operate your Power Master 33 alarm system from the new keypad (KP250) which looks nice and stylish, with firm push buttons where you enter your code to set or unset the system. You can use the keypad to do all your programming on – like changing time/date, telephone numbers for the dialler, user codes etc.The KP250 keypad has a prox tag reader built in, so you can don’t even need a code for setting or unsetting (you just present a small tag to the keypad screen where the tag symbol is). We have mentioned before about the new keypad and it is a thumbs up from us on that one, the keypad can also be used with the Power Maser 10 or 30 panels.

What extra does the Power Master 33 do?   Not a lot to be honest, we have had a good in depth look at the panel and compared it to the Power Master 30.

The nice thing about the Power Master 33 – as a kit, is that you can have the end station hidden away and it makes it harder for an intruder to find it and damage it. This is because there is no internal sounder on the alarm panel like the Power Master 10 & 30. You will still need to have an internal sounder somewhere central in the property to enable you to hear the alarm clearly & loudly in the event of an alarm activation by an intruder, especially at night when your fast asleep. It is the noise of the alarm system going off that will make an intruder panic and run off empty handed!

The other difference between the Visonic Power Master 30 & 33, is that you can only have 10 Keypads on the new 33 (as if many people have more than a couple).

The Power Master 33 Does NOT have a built in auto dialler, so it will be a sirens only system, unless you are having it monitored or purchase a sim GSM dialler with either a Pay as you go sim or sim contract.

What this new Visonic Power Master 33 panel brings, is basically not a lot.  You have No internal sounder and you have No PSTN dialler (auto dialler, Can call up to 4 private telephone numbers to contact you in the event of an activation.) No voice and 2 way speech. This new alarm panel has Less features and costs More!

Our opinion is to stick with the Visonic Power Master 30 and purchase the new stylish KP250 keypad separately and hide the Control panel away, we can always disconnect the speaker from the panel to make it harder to find for an intruder to find, because you will still have the dialler facility. You can install up to 8 sirens on the Power Master 30 and 2 sirens on the Power Master 10 if required (either external or internal sirens).

The Vsionic Power Master 30 also has the voice on it, so the auto dialler can have a personalised message, such as your property address which assists the key holder to identify what alarm/premises has gone off. With the speech facility it also enables you to listen in to your alarm system and speak through the control panel. This two speech communication has the benefit of you listening in to your property to hear if there is a genuine break-in or not, saving you from placing yourself in a potentially risky situation. We have also used these panels in elderly and disabled persons properties, where the person can have a medical pendant and if needed, they can press the buttons on the pendant and the alarm system calls a relative where they are then able to check on them by speaking and listening through the Power Master 30 control panel.

A new siren ( same technology, different shape ) was released with the new Power Master 33 panel, which does look slightly nicer than the rectangular standard siren shape. Again, another great new add on to the Power Master range. Your choice on this one!


Ace alarms hexagon shaped wireless siren

The New shape siren is available for the Power Master range


Changing phone numbers on the Visonic Power Master 10 & 30 control panels

Changing phone numbers on the Visonic Power Master 10 & 30 control panels

Here is an easy step by step guide on how to change a telephone number on your Visonic Power Master 10 & 30 alarm panels. You have phone numbers programmed into your alarm system if you are using the “Private report” facility which is built into the burglar alarm panel. The private report is basically a speech dialler. Speech diallers notify you if your alarm system is activated.

Step by Step Guide:

Step 1: Press “>>” Once  – Display shows “User Settings”.

Step 2: Press “i/o.k” – Display shows Enter Code

Step 3: Enter your 4-digit code

Step 4:Press“>>” Eleven times or until the display shows “Private report”

Step 5:Press “i/o.k” Twice – display shows “reported events”

Step 6:Press “>>” until you get to the phone number you wish to change & Press “i/o.k”

Step 7: Type in your new phone number and press “i/o.k” 

If you want to change another number – Press “>>” until you get to the next number that you wish to change “Press “i/o.k” and repeat step 7.

Step 8: Press the “man in the house” button until the display shows “o.k to exit”

Step 9: Press “i/o.k”


Adding a new Keyfob to your Visonic Power Master 10 & 30 alarm systems

Adding a new Keyfob to your Visonic Power Master 10 & 30 alarm systems

You don’t need to have an engineer to come out to add another Keyyfob to your burglar alarm system. You can call us and we can put them into the post for you. This works a bit cheaper for you as you only pay us for the Keyfobs plus the postage & packaging and you save by not paying for an engineer to come out and do this for you. Don’t get us wrong, we are more than happy to come out and do this for you. We just believe in giving a good service at reasonable prices, even after you have had our Visonic power master alarm systems installed, you will receive great customer assistance.

Since our Visonic power master alarm systems are very secure, you cannot just buy any Keyfob and it will work your alarm system. They have to be learnt into your control panel and once it is learnt onto your Visonic power master alarm system following these next easy steps it is then secure and will operate your burglar alarm.

Once you have received your Keyfob follow this easy step by step guide.

Step 1:  Press “>>” once. The screen will show “user settings”

Step 2:  Press “i/o.k” button, You will now be asked to enter your 4 digit code – Enter your code now.

Step 3: The display shows “user codes” – Press “>>” 3 times.

Step 4: The display shows “keyfobs”  – Press “i/o.k” twice.

Note:  The display will be alternating between “Enter ID:XXX XXXX & Enrol now”. The Visonic manufacturers recommend that it is always best to enroll rather than entering the 7 digit id code as it learns how it communicates with the system whilst you have your keyfob at the property with you. It is a good idea for you to make a note of the 7 digit id code, it helps you identify who has a specific keyfob in case one gets lost and you have to delete it. You can find the 7 digit id number on the opposite side of the buttons on the keyfob.

Step 5: Holding your new keyfob “press and hole the * button until the keyfob led goes yellow = release the button and the yellow led will flash. 

Step 6:  The screen will show “Device enrolled”. Press the “i/o.k” button once.

The screen will go back to showing “add new keyfob” . If you are going to enroll another keyfob – repeat Step 5 & 6.

Step 7:  Press the “man in the house” button twice, the screen displays “press o.k” to exit.

Step 8:  Press the “i/o.k” button.

Your new keyfob is enrolled and ready to use.

Changing Codes on the Visonic Power Master 10 alarm panel

Changing codes on the Visonic Power Master 10 alarm panel.

Here is an easy step by step guide to changing your code.

Step 1:  Press “>>” once. The panel display will show “user settings”.

Step 2:  Press “i/o.k” button and you will be asked to enter your existing 4 digit code. Enter your code now. 
Note: the default code is 1111 if it hasn’t be changed previously.

Step 3:  The system will now show “User Codes” – Press “i/o.k”

Step 4:   You will now see a black flashing cursor over the number “01” and a solid black square on the far right hand  side of the display screen. If you wish to change the existing code for user 1 , Press “i/o.k”

(if you want to change a different code or add another code – press the “>>” key until you get to the user number you wish to change and then press the “i/o.k” button. A black solid cursor at the far right hand side of the screen symbolises that there is already a code allocated to that user. You can still change any of the codes, just beware that your not deleting a persons code accidentally).

Step 5:   You will now see the code that is currently in use for that user and a black flashing cursor over the first digit (from the left) . Now Enter your new “4-digit code” and Press “i/o.k”.  The screen will now go bacck to the previous screen – showing “user 01  code”

If you want to add or change  another code , press the “>>” until you get to the next code you want to add/change.

Step 6:   Press the “man in the house symbol” until the display say’s “o.k to exit”

Step 7:    Press “i/o.k”

All done! your display will go back to showing “ready and the time” and is ready for you to use.

Vanishing door contacts for the Visonic Power Master range

Vanishing door contacts for the Visonic Power Master alarm systems are now available. The Vanishing door contacts are another new addition for the Power Master range. The MC302V PG2 new door contacts have been released with the Power Master 33 alarm system kits, but are also fully compatible to work with the Power Master 10 & 30 burglar alarm systems.

What’s new and different about these door contacts and why are they called “Vanishing” door contacts?

It is down to the size or more important the lack of it!

MC302v Vanishing door contacts, smaller and blend in nicely with door and window frames

The MC302v Vanishing door contacts are very slim and blend in well with doors and windows

Height : 62mm

Width  : 34mm

Depth  :  7mm


Compared to the original door contact for the Power Master Panels (MC302) and the updated &          more curved door contact (MC302E) they are considerably smaller. The MC302 & MC302E have        a height of: 81mm , Width of : 34mm , Depth of : 25mm. Both of these door contacts are available in White and Brown. They are powered by a single CR123 Lithium battery and have a life expectancy of up to 8 years, but expect around 4-5 years for a door that has average use.

The internal circuit board is very compact and is powered by a CR2032 Lithium battery (watch style battery ) and the casing is also available in white & brown. It still has the front and back tamper casing tampers, 2 way communicating with the control panel and is fully compliant with European standards and International standards.It’s long transmission range means you can have these door contacts installed on any window or door throughout your property and why not protect the garage and outbuildings doors and windows too.

To fit all this technology into such a slim and compact casing is impressive!

Connecting up Speech Diallers using a Wireless phone jack kit

Wireless phone jack systems – a new way for us to connect your Intruder alarm system’s auto dialler facility to the phone line!

This will apply to virtually any Intruder alarm that has an auto/speech dialler either built in or as an add on. Most of our customers who are having new burglar alarm installations are using the wireless Visonic alarm systems which have auto diallers built in (except the Power Master 33), but you can add an auto dialler to most hard wired systems too.

When installing new Intruder alarms the main objective is installing the system as neatly and tidy as possible. For us to connect up your burglar alarm systems auto/speech dialler to the phone line, we  have always been required to run a telephone wire from the auto dialler to a phone socket (main incoming socket is normally preferred).Which  is proving to be more difficult when so many houses have wooden flooring throughout the ground floor, so hiding our cable underneath the carpet is a no-go.

Introducing our wireless phone jack system which we have tried out and thoroughly tested over the last 4-5 months and it has been very successful. We have had no issues of it losing connectivity and communicating the signals correctly every time.

The RTX phone jack system has been a big success and we have been installing them in our customers houses over the last 2 months where the phone line in the house has been some distance away from the burglar alarm panel and it has assisted us in making a nice neat alarm installation.

How this system works is by sending the phone line signal through the mains power in your property. One side of the phone jack system (The master socket)  is plugged into a mains socket near the properties master phone socket and the other part of the RTX phone jack system (Slave unit) gets plugged into another mains socket nearest the Intruder alarm system or the speech dialler if it’s in another location. .

This wireless phone jack system is only wireless to a point though. It still requires a phone lead being installed from the properties master phone socket to the master unit of the phone jack system and at the slave end of the phone jack system into the alarm panel or auto dialler if is separate. It is still reduces the amount of wiring exposed, especially when the majority of new build properties have hard wood or tiled flooring where it makes it difficult to conceal phone cable under the carpet.

Does the phone jack system have any drawbacks? Yes,unfortunately it does!

During power cuts this system would not be able to operate – unless the house has a back up generator (which is doubtful) . For many people living in suburban areas where the crime rate is low, the auto dialler facility is useful in alerting you if the alarm has been triggered off. It is also unlikely in these areas that an Intruder would go to the lengths of cutting the power to the properties. Intruders are more likely to cut the phone lines – so the alarm cannot communicate and they aren’t risking their lives cutting a 240v supply.

Installing  a wireless phone jack system costs £110.00 which includes installation

In more rural properties it is advisable to have a GSM module added to your burglar alarm system which communicate via the mobile phone networks.

GSM modules are an add on to Visonic systems and are installed inside the control panel, they cost £175.00 and also requires a Sim free contract being taken out which will add to the running costs. You can use a pay as you go Sim, but you must top up regularly.

RTX wireless phone jack to dialler

Connect up your Speech dialler via a wireless phone jack system


The New Kp 250 Pg2 Keypad and existing keypads for the Power Master Range – Compared

Another new keypad for the Power Master alarm systems has arrived! 

Visonic has released a new burglar alarm system in the Power G / Power Master range – the New Power Master 33 and along side it a few new devices which are all compatible with the Power Master 10 & 30 which is great news and it’s why we all like Visonic so much as they keep producing new security devices which can be added to your existing Visonic Power Master alarm systems.

I am not going to be looking at the pro’s and con’s of the new Power master 33 just yet as we are still testing the systems ourselves and checking the new features and the differences it brings. We are coming to the end of our testing very soon, so please keep an eye out for the blog on this and also on our website. I am not too overwhelmed by the control panel & as a Kit, but the Keypad looks great – The New KP250 PG2:

The New Keypad for the Power Master control panels

New! KP250 PG2
Visonic Power Master Keypad


NEW Visonic KP250 keypad for the Power Master intruder alarms.

–   LCD Display

–   Separate push button numerical keypad

–   Allows Full access to all programming menu’s for user’s and engineer’s

–   Integrated Proximity Tag reader

–   Built in Low volume sounder for Entry/Exit tones

–   2 x Button Panic Alarm

–   Works with All Visonic Power Master alarm panels


The Kp250 PG2 keypad is a very stylish looking keypad with a white finish and blue back lit LCD screen display. It’s size is average for a typical alarm system and is 150mm wide, 100mm and 20 mm in depth.

A new Kp250 keypad can be installed with the new Power Master 33 kit or it can be added to a new or existing installation with a Power Master 10 & 30 control panel. The huge difference this keypad makes to an installation is the fact you can now keep the main control panel (brains of the system) in a discreet place, as you can access all the programming menus for users or installers on the remote keypad. With the other keypads available for the Power Master range, you would still need to view the control panel’s on board keypad to change any programming of the alarm system.

The Kp140/141 is the original keypad for Power Master range, which had a numerical push button style keypad. There was no display on this at all, after pressing the “closed padlock” symbol followed by your code you will hear the exit tone bleeps. If no beeps were heard,you would see a red led light up – which means it won’t set and it is off to find the main control panel to check the fault.

It was the first touch screen keypad – Kp-160 PG2 , which also has a nice stylish finish and LCD display, but this keypad lacks control. It is just an arming station where you can set/unset and part set your alarm system. If there are any issues with your alarm system, you would see a warning symbol appear. This prompts you to then look on the main control panel to investigate further, so you would still need the main Power Master 10 or 30 control panel to be installed in an accessible area and at eye level to view the LCD display.

The Kp-160 first started as a proximity tag reader only and you could only set/unset or part set your alarm system by presenting a proximity tag to the tag symbol. This seemed to be fine as long as you have your proximity tag at hand and not where most people have it attached to – their set of keys.Which is o.k, unless it is buried deep in your pocket or handbag and a frantic panic kicks in whilst finding them. It wasn’t long before Visonic redesigned the keypad to have a touch screen numbered keypad, Fantastic i thought, but the keypad doesn’t tell you anything still – it remains an arming station only… to turn the Burglar alarm on or off.

Getting back to our new edition Keypad (Kp250 PG2) we have full control from this keypad and you as end users can set or unset your burglar alarm and now change anything you want – codes/telephone numbers/time & date etc. Plus you can view the history log and any issues that there could be. From the Engineers point of view, we can access everything and don’t need to go to the end station (control panel)  unless we are carrying out routine maintenance ,checking the back up battery (which should be checked annually) and checking mains or phone line connections. We don’t mind getting down on our hands and knees for that part, so the control panel can be placed in a more remote or less accessible are if required to make a neater installation.

What the kp250 doesn’t do is light up the display on the keypad during the entry period. I have heard that a few people dislike this and that you have to press a button on the keypad to see the display (light it up). Is this a bad design? It was designed like this by “Visonic”, so that the battery life expectancy remains at 4 years. (this could be a little less if the keypad has heavy use). The keypad runs on standard AA alkaline, which again should be checked annually to keep your alarm system running smoothly. In my opinion, i don’t think the keypad remaining dark during entry is a bad thing. If it was a genuine break-in through the first entry point .i.e the front door, it would start the entry exit beeps before going into full alarm condition and by having an already illuminated keypad, you are drawing attention to where it is and potentially assisting the Intruder.

The other great advantage about having the keypad on display and within a handy location,with the main control panel of the burglar alarm system somewhere else and hidden.Is it is again making it harder for the Intruder to turn off or vandalise it. The main Power Master control panel is still keeping the sirens going and if your system is connected to the phone and your using the built in Auto Dialler then they are likely to be caught doing it!

Our verdict on this keypad is it’s very good in terms of style, ease of use, much neater install for the whole alarm system and good value for money.


 The New Kp-250 Pg2 costs £135.00 inc *

*Price if installed at the same time as having a new Visonic Power Master 10,30 or 33 alarm system. If adding to an existing alarm system the costs would be from £180.00 inc (the keypad cost + installation)

If you are interested in having the New keypad, please call one of our team for more information and booking in an installation on 01444 247960



Obsolete – Carbon monoxide detectors

We have been informed by Visonic that the Carbon Monoxide detectors are currently obsolete, There is No issue with existing detectors at all.

The reasons were a little vague, but what i picked up on was that they were down to having a life span of 5 Years which the European regulations state that safety protection devices like smoke,heat and carbon monoxide detectors.

Now these devices can have a shelf life of 10 Years, so Visonic designers would have to go back to the drawing board to design and manufacture a new Carbon monoxide detector. At this point they would probably look at how much of these are manufactured compared to the selling and weighing up the costs.

Our Visonic representative that we are in regular contact with has stated that he thinks there should be another type of Carbon monoxide detector out late in the year. If this does happen, we will let you know and they will be back on sale and displayed on the website.

The Carbon Monoxide detectors are still being made and produced as normal for the “Power Master Range” and there are no plans, for that becoming unavailable.

Please note: we have seen Carbon monoxide detectors for the Visonic Powermax complete for sale on the internet, but there are only a few being sold and for over £144.00 which is a ridiculous price in our opinion.

It is very important that all houses have carbon monoxide detectors installed in their house as this Gas is a killer and it is odourless, so you can’t notice it coming. You can purchase a good stand alone carbon monoxide detectors over the internet and at most diy shops from around £18.00.

Auto Diallers / Speech Diallers – Enhance your safety & Security – economically.

Auto Diallers and Speech Diallers

These great devices are a must when it comes to enhancing your burglar alarm system.

Connections to the Police are a waste of time for most properties (in our opinion). The Police are so stretched with cut backs etc that alarms going off are very low down on their pecking order. You would get a better response from the Police if you alarm was triggered and a neighbour looked over, seen an intruder and called 999. As the Police do want to catch these criminals, but don’t need wasted time.

With an Auto dialler it is a big step up from a siren only system. It is also saves you monthly/annual charges to a monitoring station. Once a dialler is fitted or connected, the only cost is the price of a call from your phone provider.

Some commercial or high residential properties require a response or monitored system, In theses situations we connect your alarms to a central station and to a security guard company only. This gives a more reliable reaction, but it does work out pretty expensive. (with monitoring costs + security guard charges)

The majority of our customers like the fact that their alarm system can notify them by phone that their alarm has been activated.

Having your alarm system linked through to your phone has several benefits:

Alerts you if your burglar alarm has been triggered by an intruder. – it is very rare indeed that homes with burglar  alarms would get targeted, as intruders don’t want to get caught! but sometimes it can happen if your alarm is looking neglected (old rusty bell box) or you live in a remote area with no neighbours around nearby and in the very worst case ( & highly unlikely) that the intruder doesn’t care that there is an alarm and is not thinking about the consequences or know what they are doing due to drugs or drink.

The most popular by far of our Burglar alarm systems are the Visonic wire free alarms. The Visonic Powermax Complete alarm panels and the

Power Master 10 & 30 all have a built in auto dialler which connects to your home or business phone line. With Visonic designing this into your security alarm panel saves you money straight away from having to purchase a dialler separately – Saving around £175.00.

The Visonic Power Master 10 – has a dialler ,which when activated will call your phone (up to 4 private telephone numbers – mobile or land line)

When you receive that call you will see the telephone number from which the alarm has been connected to, so you can identify what property has had the alarm activation. Upon answering the call you will hear the noise of the alarm going off only. To acknowledge the call and to stop the dialling calling the next number , you must press “2” on your phone handset.

For most people this type of waning is sufficient enough for them to take action.

The Visonic Power Master 30 and the Powermax Complete alarm panels have an auto dialler with voice, where the address of the property can be recorded. “Mrs Jones at 12 The Road,”. You will also hear what type of situation has happened with the alarm – “Burglar Alarm” – “Panic Alarm” -“Medical alarm” or”Tamper Alarm” , if needed in buildings like stock rooms you can get a call to say which user opened the door and at what time.

With the voice on these 2 panels you also have the benefit of listening into your property, this is through the main alarm panel only, but you would be suprised how much you can hear if the panel is installed in a central place like the hallway .

When you receive the call on your phone – you just need to press “6” to listen in.

By being able to listen into your property, you are reducing the chance of coming in to a dangerous situation. If the alarm has been set off by something falling over – then fine it can happen and it isn’t the end of the world, but if it was a genuine break-in, you are avoiding putting yourself or others in danger.

You can also speak through your alarm panel at the same time if you wish and we have installed & set up many of these panels like this where the home owner is elderly or disabled . By adding an emergency pendant for that person.It works very much like a life line does, but instead of it calling an operator it calls a relative or neighbour. Some elderly people like this as they feel that they are not relying on outside help quite as much and keeping more independence – Note:Life line is quite often more advisable if there is more medical requirements.


All of these systems are connected from the main burglar alarm panel to the phone line via a hard wired connection and the typical price for adding this to your security system is £30.00

Other options are available to connect up, so please feel free to ask or read our blog on phone connections.


On Existing hard wired alarms you can install a separate speech dialler for around £175.00 inc installation.  (and it doesn’t matter what make or model it is as long as it has a siren trigger output on the alarm panel and most professional alarms have this).

With these diallers you won’t be able to listen in and speak through it without having additional equipment.


If you require any more information or assistance with choosing an alarm system or adding an Auto dialler to your existing system then please feel free to give us a call or drop as an email.

Tel:01444 247960


“memory” flashing on the Powermax complete

The Visonic powermax complete control panel will show the “memory” flashing on your screen if a problem or incident has occurred such as a power loss or phone line failure. If this light is flashing, but there is no yellow warning triangle up then the problem has been resolved. If your yellow warning triangle is lit, then the problem is still present. If you do not know how to resolve this i.e plugging your phone line back in or resetting your power if a trip switch has tripped, then it’s best to call out your installer.
The “memory” flashing (alternating between the time & date), is nothing to worry about and you can use your alarm system as normal.
If you want to clear this message you will need to press the i/o.k button continuously until the control panel has stopped saying any more messages.
Once you have reached the top of the menu the “memory” will disappear.
If this has not disappeared then try setting your alarm and then unset the alarm.
Your display should now show the time and date only.

The Full user guide for the Visonic Power Master 10 / 30

Power master user guide

Here is a full downloadable copy of the Visonic Power Master 10 & 30 user guide. You can find all the information you need + more for your security alarm system.
Look under ” User Settings ” for changing you codes or deleting & adding extra codes, key fobs or proximity tags.
For more in depth features such as arming & disarming your burglar alarm system remotely, just look under the ” special features ” menu.
It is not always a good idea to disarm your burglar alarm system remotely as this will stop your alarm siren & power master panel & if the alarm activation is genuine – your assisting your intruder.
Note that our Visonic wire free alarm systems are programmed to sound for 10 minutes and then go quiet, the burglar alarm system will then re-arm itself (up to 3 times ) By this time the intruder would have disappeared or a key holder will have returned to check the activation.
All alarm systems are programmed to sound for a maximum of 15 minutes & should only re-arm 3 times. This is to comply with the noise & pollution act.

Visonic powermax complete user Guide

Powermax user guide

You can find all the information you need here regarding the operating instructions for you Visonic Powermax complete wire free alarm system.
There is an awful lot of reading available here & a large percentage of this will not be of interest.
The Main place you need to look at is under “user settings”, You can find out how to change your codes, time & date display & more.
Another place you can look under is “Special functions”.
Here you can learn the commands to set & unset your alarm system remotely. Note: it is not always a good idea to turn your alarm system of remotely, as it could be a genuine break-in and you want the noise of the siren & built in panel speaker to deter an intruder. Your alarm system will only go off for 10 minutes and then go quiet, the powermax complete control panel will then re-arm itself in case of an intruder trying to break in again once the noise has stopped. It will re-arm 3 times & by this time an intruder would have left the area or someone would have come back to check the premises is o.k.
We do enter quick easy guides for some of the simpler tasks i.e changing codes & displays etc on our website under “Blog”, here we have written the instructions out in an easy step by step guide.
It is not possible for us to rewrite the whole manual as i would never get any work done, so by us adding the entire user guide, you can download and read away.

Changing the User codes on a Accenta G3/Optima G3 control Panel

Here is a step by step guide on how to change the user code on your Accenta G3 control panel, it is exactly the same procedure for an Optima G3 unit. It’s basically the same panel with a different product name.

If you have never changed the user code – the default user no is 1234.
It is also worth noting that the control panel has an NVM (non-volatile memory) chip in and should you experience a lengthy power cut & your back up battery in the control panel has drained down completely, the NVM chip should hold all the programming information. In saying this, these older & more basic control panels, have been known to not hold the user codes, so if your old code was working before a power cut and since the power has been restored it has stopped working, try 1234.
If you start getting the entry/exit tones now, just follow the steps to change the code as shown below and book your alarm system to be serviced and the back up battery will need to be replaced – you would most likely be advised to upgrade your alarm panel where the NVM would work correctly. If it has stored all the rest of the programming, i.e – zones programmed/ timers /entry routes etc,etc. and as long as you don’t mind resetting the codes after a long power cut, then it will be fine to use as normal.

How to Change your user code 1.

1: Press “Prog” & enter your existing user code. the “TA” (tamper) indicator will light and the “day” indicator will go out to indicate that you are in programming mode.

2: Press “8” – the Attack & Zone indicators 1 to 4 will be lit to prompt you to enter a new code.

3: Type in your new 4 digit code. – If the code has been accepted you will hear a series of rapid beeps. – If the code has been rejected , you will hear a flat single tone ( that number has been used already & programmed in )

4: Press “Reset” to exit programming mode. The ” TA ” (tamper ) indicator will go out & the “Day” indicator will light.

How to Change your user code 2.

The Accent G3 / Optima G3 control panels can have a second  user code. You may find this useful if you have a neighbour looking after your property whilst you are away on holiday or to give to a builder etc whilst  you are having work done on your property.

The second user code will operate the alarm system the same as your user code, but it will not allow them to change or delete your user code.

1: Press “Prog” & enter your existing user code. the “TA” (tamper) indicator will light and the “day” indicator will go out to indicate that you are in programming mode.

2: Press “7” – the Attack & Zone indicators 1 to 4 will be lit to prompt you to enter a new code.

3: Type in your new 4 digit code. – If the code has been accepted you will hear a series of rapid beeps. – If the code has been rejected , you will hear a flat single tone ( that number has been used already & programmed in )

4: Press “Reset” to exit programming mode. The ” TA ” (tamper ) indicator will go out & the “Day” indicator will light.

How to Delete your user code 2.

Once you have returned from your holiday or the building works etc are completed, you may want to remove the second user code to restrict access.

1: Press “Prog” & enter your existing user code. the “TA” (tamper) indicator will light and the “day” indicator will go out to indicate that you are in programming mode.

2: Press “7” – the Attack & Zone indicators 1 to 4 will be lit to prompt you to enter a new code.

3: Press ” Omit“.

4: Press “Reset” to exit programming mode. The ” TA ” (tamper ) indicator will go out & the “Day” indicator will light.









Changing User codes on Scantronic 9651/9751/9851…

Here is how to change the user code for the Scantronic 9651/9751/9752/9850/9851/9853 control panels.
It is the same process for each panel and all the programming is done from the keypad (if you have more than 1 keypad on your system, you can do this from any of the keypads)

Step 1:
Enter your 4 digit code
Step 2:
Press “4” (Display shows – Old code _ _ _ _ )
Step 3:
Key in the Master code again (user 1 code) and press “tick”
(the displays shows the “U01” and any text description for that user i.e a name)
Note: If you wish to change the name for that user -use the keypad as follows –
1 = none
2 = ABC
3 = DEF
4 = GHI
5 = JKL
6 = MNO
7 = PQRS
8 = TUV
9 = WXYZ
0 = Space ‘ ( ) : . – ! &
C = Move left
D = Move right

To delete an existing name , move to the first character & press D.
When you have entered the name, press “tick” to continue with setting the code.

If you wish to change the master code press “tick” & go to step 6

Step 4:
Press the “X” repeatedly until the display shows the user number of the code you wish to change/add (if you only have the one code go to step 5
Step 5:
Press “tick”
Step 6:
Enter a new 4 digit code. ( this display shows for example – User 21 = 2120 )
Step 7:
Press “tick”

Note: If you have a partitioned system , the display shows the available partitions. Press A,B,C or D to assign that user to a specific area.
(Most residential homes will not have a partitioned system and the A,B,C,D keys are for different settings in the house and you will not have to worry about this feature/setting and your A key is for all the house to be set and B is usually a night time setting which sets the downstairs only with the upstairs isolated. The C and D settings would be set for different options of setting, for example a garage only on or a pet inside a certain room with the sensors in that area on and the rest of the house on.(you may not have any B,C or D settings)
These settings can only be done through engineering and would have been set at the time of installation or last engineer visit.

Step 8:
Press “tick”

To Delete a user code:
Follow steps 1-6 and when the keypad new user code enter “0000”
Press “tick”

All Done!