Changing User codes on Scantronic 9651/9751/9851…

Here is how to change the user code for the Scantronic 9651/9751/9752/9850/9851/9853 control panels.
It is the same process for each panel and all the programming is done from the keypad (if you have more than 1 keypad on your system, you can do this from any of the keypads)

Step 1:
Enter your 4 digit code
Step 2:
Press “4” (Display shows – Old code _ _ _ _ )
Step 3:
Key in the Master code again (user 1 code) and press “tick”
(the displays shows the “U01” and any text description for that user i.e a name)
Note: If you wish to change the name for that user -use the keypad as follows –
1 = none
2 = ABC
3 = DEF
4 = GHI
5 = JKL
6 = MNO
7 = PQRS
8 = TUV
9 = WXYZ
0 = Space ‘ ( ) : . – ! &
C = Move left
D = Move right

To delete an existing name , move to the first character & press D.
When you have entered the name, press “tick” to continue with setting the code.

If you wish to change the master code press “tick” & go to step 6

Step 4:
Press the “X” repeatedly until the display shows the user number of the code you wish to change/add (if you only have the one code go to step 5
Step 5:
Press “tick”
Step 6:
Enter a new 4 digit code. ( this display shows for example – User 21 = 2120 )
Step 7:
Press “tick”

Note: If you have a partitioned system , the display shows the available partitions. Press A,B,C or D to assign that user to a specific area.
(Most residential homes will not have a partitioned system and the A,B,C,D keys are for different settings in the house and you will not have to worry about this feature/setting and your A key is for all the house to be set and B is usually a night time setting which sets the downstairs only with the upstairs isolated. The C and D settings would be set for different options of setting, for example a garage only on or a pet inside a certain room with the sensors in that area on and the rest of the house on.(you may not have any B,C or D settings)
These settings can only be done through engineering and would have been set at the time of installation or last engineer visit.

Step 8:
Press “tick”

To Delete a user code:
Follow steps 1-6 and when the keypad new user code enter “0000”
Press “tick”

All Done!


Veritas 8c -changing codes

We have had a call out today with a customer having no code for a Veritas control panel. I cannot tell you how to default the codes for security reasons, but i have thought that it would be useful if some customers or owners of a Veritas control panel want to know how to change their existing code.
Step 1:
Enter your existing 4 digit code and press “prog”
Step 2:
Type in “60” followed by “enter”
Step 3:
Enter a new 4 digit code.
Step 4:
Press “Reset”

All done – your existing code should now be in and the old code gone.

I hope this helps.

How to Change the codes on the “Visonic Powermax Complete” Intruder alarm

Changing  user codes:

On the main control panel:

1: Press “>>” key twice (located next to the ” i/o.k ” ) – display shows – user settings

2: Press ”  i/o.k ” – you will be asked to enter your existing 4 digit code

3: Press ” >> ” key once . display shows – set user codes

4: Press ” i/o.k ” display shows – user code 1 – press ” i/o.k ” if you want to change user code 1 or press “>>” until you get to the user code you wish to change or add another user code. (up to 8 user codes can be used )

5: When you are on the code you wish to change press ” i/o.k ”

6: Enter new 4 digit code and press ” i/o.k ” – your new 4 digit code is now programmed in.

7: Press the ” man in the house key ” (located on the left, in between the closed padlock and open padlock symbols) until the screen shows  ” o.k to exit “.

8: Press ” i/o.k ”

All done !

Turning off the call feature on the “Visonic Powermax complete” burglar alarm

Disabling the auto dialler

If you have an Amber  warning triangle lit up on the security alarm control panel and you press the ” i/o.k  ” and the fault either say’s ” line failure ” or displays ” line fault “.

Then you will need to check your phone line connections to see if they have become unplugged or damaged. If you can’t see anything wrong with the connections – check your main telephone in the house to see if you have a dialling tone. If you don’t have a tone, then the fault is likely to be somewhere externally or inside the house but on the cable before it reaches the main telephone socket. You will need to get in contact with your phone service provider to rectify the fault.

In the mean time you will have a display on the burglar alarm panel screen saying ” not ready ” .

This will be due to the fact the phone line is down and you will need to turn off the calling feature of the powermax complete alarm.This will enable you to at least have a bells only system (internal & External sirens only- no calls )

So, please follow the next steps to disable the phone feature:

1 : Press ” >> ” key twice – screen display shows ” user settings.

2 : Press ” i / o.k ” followed by your 4 digit code .

3 : Display shows “privaet report ” – press ” i / o.k ” three times.

4 : You will now need to press the ” >> ” key until it shows” disable report ”

5 : Press ” i /o.k ” twice

6 : Press the ” man in  the house key ” – until the display shows ” o.k  to exit ”

7  : Press the ” i /o.k ” key.

You should now only have the green power light up on the burglar alarm panel and the Amber warning triangle light has gone out.

Your display will now show ready and the time ( if it flashes up with memory – this is perfectly normal – it shows memory , to make you aware that there has been a fault , but o.k now )

The Security alarm is now ready for you to use it again ( without the calling feature ) , but at least you can keep your property secure.

Once your phone line has been fixed – you can enable this call feature again.

To do this , repeat the process 1 – 3

4 : Press the “>> ” key , until the display shows ” alarms ”

5 : Press the ” i / o.k ” button twice

6 : Press the ” man in  the house key ” – until the display shows ” o.k  to exit ”

7  : Press the ” i /o.k ” key.

You should now have a green light only and no amber warning triangle – the alarm will now call you on the designated phone numbers that you programmed in.

Please read the”how to” change telephone numbers on the “Visonic Powermax Complete” burglar alarm system.

Changing the telephone numbers on the “Visonic Powermax Complete”

How to change the phone numbers your alarm calls

1: Press the ” >> ” key twice. – system displays “user settings”.

2:Press ” i/o.k ” – you will now be asked to enter your 4 digit code – system displays ” private report “.

3:Press ” i/o.k  “twice – system displays ” reported events “.

4: Press “>>” key until it displays the telephone number you wish to change ( 1st private tel, 2nd private tel: etc..) 

If you go passed the telephone number position, you wish to change. Press ” >> ” until you come round to it again.

5: Key in the new telephone number – you  can type over the existing number & don’t leave spaces.

(if you you wish to delete a telephone number & not enter another – press the ” unlock padlock symbol ” 

6: Press ” i/o.k ” twice.

If you wish to change another telephone number  – just repeat steps 4-6

7: Press the ” man in the house key ” until it shows – o.k to exit.

8: Press o.k .

All done !


Adding & Deleting Prox tags on the “Visonic Powermax complete”

Adding Tags

1: Press “>>” key twice – displays shows ” user settings “.

2: Press ” o.k ” – you will now be asked to enter your 4 digit code.

3: Press ” >> ”  until the display shows ” enroll prox tag “.

4: Press ” i/o.k ” – display shows ” Tag no:    ” ( black cursor flashing) .

5: Press ” >> ” until you see a ” Tag no:   with no black cursor next to it ” ( the black cursor means that there is already a tag programmed in that space )

6: Lift the lid up on the control panel and present the tag next to the tag symbol on the control panel. ( you will hear a “double bleep ” and a black cursor will appear next to the tag no on the control panel screen.

That tag is now learnt in !

7: Pull down the lid on the control panel & press the ” man in the house ” key until the screen shows – o.k to exit

8: Press “i/o.k ” key .

All done !

Deleting Tags

If you wish to delete a Tag

Repeat steps 1-4 from above then,

5: Press ” >> ” until you get to the tag number you wish to delete & press the ” unlock padlock ” symbol, the black cursor will then disappear ( that tag is now out of the system )

Repeat steps 7 & 8.

Speech diallers – an extra security device to enhance your existing alarm system.

What is a speech dialler?
A speech dialler or an auto dialler is a device which is connected to your alarm system and your telephone line and calls you once your burglar alarm has been activated.

It is hard wired in to your phone line and to the burglar alarm. Once it has been installed you can then program the dialler to call one or several private numbers of your choice.
We at ” ace alarm” use a speech dialler made by “Pyronix” and the model is a V2Tel.
This auto dialler can be programmed to call up to 9 telephone numbers of your choice,
When the dialler has been triggered by your burglar alarm system it will then call the first programmed telephone number, once you have answered the phone you will hear a pre-recorded message letting you know that your alarm has been set off , allowing you to return home to carefully check your property or call a friend/relative to look in if you are away and notifying the police if necessary.
After you have received the pre-recorded telephone message you will be asked to enter an acknowledgement code. This tells your speech dialler to stop calling the next person on the list.

Who can it call?

The dialler can call any private telephone numbers or mobile numbers of your choice. (not 999)

When the auto dialler calls up ,it will ring the first person on the list,then the second,third and so on until it has received the acknowledgement code .

How much would it cost me to have a V2tel speech dialler installed?

It would cost between £150-£200 to be installed depending on the distance between the phone point and your alarm panel.

Note : Our wire free alarms already have an auto dialler built in which can call 4 numbers of your choice & there is only a one off connection charge of £30.00.

Once it has been installed ,are there any on going costs are charges.

No, the only time it will cost you money is if your alarm has been activated. It will then be a normally priced call depending on your phone provider not to “ace alarms” to the person who is receiving the call. ( the price of a telephone call )

Will it tell me the difference between a panic alarm being set off or a smoke alarm being activated?

Yes , the dialler can have several different means of being triggered and you can assign a separate message for each:

E.g : “this is Mr and Mrs Smith” at 25 meadow close” the burglar has been activated”

“this is Mr and Mrs Smith ” at 25 meadow close”the fire has been activated”.


An acknowledgement message will  then be heard

“please press 5 to acknowledge”

You then press 5 and you will hear the dialler hang up.


You can have the dialler enabled to turn your alarm system off , but we never recommend doing this , because if it was a genuine burglary ,you will want the alarm to carry on sounding and sending the intruder on their way.

Burglars DO NOT want to get caught, they do not want anyone coming to investigate,they just want to be in and out with no one noticing that they are there. That’s why burglar alarms work!

Speech dialler used be ace alarms

“an auto dialler lets you know if your burglar alarm has been triggered”

Use Caution When You Use Motion Detectors In A Home With Pets!

Annually thousands of houses, companies, flats, and other buildings are burglarized. For people that are pro-active and make an attempt to frustrate would be thieves, nothing can be more maddening than when they pay real money to install a thief alarm system and they fall victim to a sneaky thief. From the dawning of history, there have frequently been folk who would prefer to nab from somebody than earn for themselves. How could this occur? They have got a safeguard system. When the sensors are tripped an alarm is formed to get a reply from the ones that here it. The newest alarm systems are generally hard-wired to be less pricey. A retrofit wireless system are cheaper and quicker to install Most trespasser alarm systems are made for different purposes.

They include, ones that handle fire, intrusion and safety alarms. Feature and designs go from built in to little noise makers Also available are complicated designs that have multi sectioned systems that are PC based. The most typical sensors indicate when doors are windows are opened or damaged. Latest system designs are hard-wired to be cheaper, but retrofit wireless systems are cheap and simpler to install. Designs range all the way from tiny noisemakers to complicated communications systems. Thief alarm systems generally serve other purposes also.

That is the reason why you actually stick to standards. Clobber : It is another factor to think about in selecting the thief alarm system. This factor is extremely important since thieves can strike at any point. The basic apparatus package should ideally include motion detectors, RC for simplicity and a fairly shocking sound for the thieves to become scared and run off. It is important to do the study and know your new alarm system has a solid record of performance.

But take care when you use motion detectors in a place with pets!!! You've a right to require a trusty product and, when talking about thief alarms, your house security is dependent upon it. Look for well known firms with established good records and reps. It is also crucial to know the security service company you hire is actually worth the monthly charge. Ace Alarms in Sussex provide free evaluation and quotes for your security systems, lighting and Wire Free Alarm Systems.

Digital Recording Device Storage At The TeraByte Level Is Common And Drives Became Quicker And More Trustworthy.

There are lots of safeguard systems to choose between on today's market. Lots of the alarm systems on today's market, come with sensors for motion, windows and doors, and glass breakage. This easy guide will cover basic styles and features of a few of the thief and fire alarms available. Wireless alarm systems are good for houses that aren't wired for an alarm system. Dependent on the quantity of doors and windows the house has, will help towards getting a quote for an alarm installation. It is all right to have 7-15 fps for recorded files in numerous applications, but technology in Digital recording device systems has pushed realtime video for the masses and thirty fps recording will shortly be the standard recording rates across all channels as available now. Digital recorder storage at the TeraByte level is common and drives became quicker and more trustworthy.

Retention of video info files can be managed by company Information Technology departments as any business vital info and network drive backing up is common. And also you have to understand that what type of protection system that's required. All the top Digital recording device systems have USB ports for external storage devices and LAN-based video servers are common. And also you want to think about that it has got a stand alone system, or you have got to have a central monitoring system. And also you've got to understand the features of the products were explained rigorously and if the contracts were straight forward without any concealed clauses. Find out how retail protection systems can assure your business the protection it merits : What are retail safety systems? These can be comprised of a range of contraptions, including although not restricted to security camera systems and CCTV, product monitoring and inventory, audio monitoring, and point of sale monitoring.

Almost all of the firms are sending well experienced delegates to your house to substantiate these safeguard systems. Retail safeguard systems are customarily specified primarily based on their main functions. For visible monitoring and recording of store activities, as an example, a single system might be comprised of CCTV cameras, a Digital video recorder and monitors. Ace Alarms in Sussex provide free evaluation and quotes for your security systems, lighting and Wire Free Alarm Systems.

Here’s A Fascinating Eventuality For You To Consider.

The most vital asset we have is our home, therefore protecting it from thieves is critically vital. Newest versions of electronic alarm systems come with alternative features and are always cost-efficient. Studies show that a barking dog alarm can actually deter thieves as they'll presume that you've got a great disagreeable dog within. An anti-burglar device is generally made from electronics and is fitted out with sensors and low-voltage power system that's controlled by main management system. Eventually , double-check to affirm that the system you buy is alright to your house insurance firm to be accepted for concessions.

Unlike standard alarm system, a barking dog alarm needs no installation and is accessible. Purchasing a Home Thief Alarm Many home security service firms sell and install thief alarm systems for you. The web is a brilliant source of info regarding thief alarms. You will find many solid reviews and product comparisons on the internet, and you can shop from the benefit of your arm-chair. You will find complete details on features and costs, and many internet sites offer careful product comparisons. A retrofit wireless system are cheaper and quicker to install Most trespasser alarm systems are created for different purposes.

The most recent alarm systems are typically hard-wired to be more cost effective. They include, ones that handle fire, intrusion and safety alarms. Here’s a fascinating eventuality for you to contemplate. Feature and designs range all the way from built in to little noise makers Also available are complicated designs that have multi sectioned systems that are PC based. A store chief is home sleeping after a tedious day at work. Constantly he gets a call from the safety system monitoring company saying that there's an alarm going off at the store. No damaged windows, no open doors, nobody in the shop, no obvious reason for the alarm to have sounded. The thief alarm system is a complex electronic gizmo containing sensors and a low-voltage power system hooked up to the key management system.

When the system’s signals are interrupted, hollering alarms get you interested and scare thieves away. The most typical sensors indicate when doors are windows are opened or damaged. Latest system designs are hard-wired to be more cost-effective, but retrofit wireless systems are cheap and simpler to install. Ace Alarms in Sussex provide free evaluation and quotes for your security systems, lighting and Wire Free Alarm Systems.

Wire Free Alarm Systems & Home Security. No Wires! – No Mess! – No Fuss!

Is Wire Free a good choice?

My answer to this is a “YES” , but only if the system is a reliable  manufacture’s make and even then there are different model types.

So how do I choose  Wire Free Alarm Systems?

Here’s our list of  Top 10 tips when choosing Wire Free Alarm Systems

  • Find the best manufacturers of Wire Free Alam systems by asking 3 Installers what they believe to be the best
  • Ask your supplier if they can supply additional and secure Key Fobs / Clickers and at what cost
  • Is the system secure from interference from other wireless systems
  • Is the system extendable / expandable at a later date if needed
  • Does the alarm panel have a built in auto dialler to contact me if the alarm goes off.
  • What happens if I loose my keyfob / clicker?
  • Is this wire free alarm systems accepted by the insurance standards?
  • Is the system totally wire free?
  • How does the system cost compare with a traditional wired alarm system?
  • If someone else has the same type of alarm near by could affect mine?

A professional installer will be able to guide you through all of your options so that you can make the final choice from an informed perspective.

You can rest assured that all of th eWire free Alarm Systems we recommend to you have been tested by us so we have real world experience of the systems.

There is only one wire free burglar alarm that we fully support and that is “Visonic” . You still need to be careful in which model is best for you!

Ace Alarm wire free keyfobOur most popular of the wire free alarm systems is the “Visonic Powermax Complete”. The Kit prices start at £425 and  consists of:

  • 1 control panel
  • 1 door contact
  • 3 motion sensors
  • 1 external siren
  • 1 matching decoy unit
  • 2 easy to use key-fobs

Benefits of the Visonic System are:

  • Control panel – built in loud speaker
  • Auto-dialler can call up to 4 phone numbers
  • Clean installation with no wires to be tracked around your home
  • Extra key-fobs are available & can be “self activated”

The motion sensors and door contacts can be sited wherever you like and unlike hard wired sensors you don’t see the messy wiring up the side of the door frames.

Each device has battery saving mode to extend the life of your batteries. You should expect to change your key fob batteries each year and motion sensors from 2 years – 3 years . door sensors 1 – 2 years . External Siren and panel batteries 3-5 years.

Ace Alarms & Security Systems are always up front with their prices.  When replacing batteries we always charge the customer the same price as we buy them in. You shouldn’t be paying over the top just because you opted for a wire-less Burglar alarm over a Wired System.