Connecting up Speech Diallers using a Wireless phone jack kit

Wireless phone jack systems – a new way for us to connect your Intruder alarm system’s auto dialler facility to the phone line!

This will apply to virtually any Intruder alarm that has an auto/speech dialler either built in or as an add on. Most of our customers who are having new burglar alarm installations are using the wireless Visonic alarm systems which have auto diallers built in (except the Power Master 33), but you can add an auto dialler to most hard wired systems too.

When installing new Intruder alarms the main objective is installing the system as neatly and tidy as possible. For us to connect up your burglar alarm systems auto/speech dialler to the phone line, we  have always been required to run a telephone wire from the auto dialler to a phone socket (main incoming socket is normally preferred).Which  is proving to be more difficult when so many houses have wooden flooring throughout the ground floor, so hiding our cable underneath the carpet is a no-go.

Introducing our wireless phone jack system which we have tried out and thoroughly tested over the last 4-5 months and it has been very successful. We have had no issues of it losing connectivity and communicating the signals correctly every time.

The RTX phone jack system has been a big success and we have been installing them in our customers houses over the last 2 months where the phone line in the house has been some distance away from the burglar alarm panel and it has assisted us in making a nice neat alarm installation.

How this system works is by sending the phone line signal through the mains power in your property. One side of the phone jack system (The master socket)  is plugged into a mains socket near the properties master phone socket and the other part of the RTX phone jack system (Slave unit) gets plugged into another mains socket nearest the Intruder alarm system or the speech dialler if it’s in another location. .

This wireless phone jack system is only wireless to a point though. It still requires a phone lead being installed from the properties master phone socket to the master unit of the phone jack system and at the slave end of the phone jack system into the alarm panel or auto dialler if is separate. It is still reduces the amount of wiring exposed, especially when the majority of new build properties have hard wood or tiled flooring where it makes it difficult to conceal phone cable under the carpet.

Does the phone jack system have any drawbacks? Yes,unfortunately it does!

During power cuts this system would not be able to operate – unless the house has a back up generator (which is doubtful) . For many people living in suburban areas where the crime rate is low, the auto dialler facility is useful in alerting you if the alarm has been triggered off. It is also unlikely in these areas that an Intruder would go to the lengths of cutting the power to the properties. Intruders are more likely to cut the phone lines – so the alarm cannot communicate and they aren’t risking their lives cutting a 240v supply.

Installing  a wireless phone jack system costs £110.00 which includes installation

In more rural properties it is advisable to have a GSM module added to your burglar alarm system which communicate via the mobile phone networks.

GSM modules are an add on to Visonic systems and are installed inside the control panel, they cost £175.00 and also requires a Sim free contract being taken out which will add to the running costs. You can use a pay as you go Sim, but you must top up regularly.

RTX wireless phone jack to dialler

Connect up your Speech dialler via a wireless phone jack system